Do Queer Students Need Another Separate School to Stay Safe? Yep

There’s the Hetrick-Martin Institute’s Harvey Milk High School in New York. The Minnesota-based GLBTQ Online High School on the web. And now a new project in Los Angeles, where LGBT students will have the chance to graduate from high school without being teased, tormented, and harassed on their way to class.

It’s a project, serving grades 7-12, between the multi-location charter school Opportunities for Learning and Lifeworks, the youth mentoring program that merged with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center last year. Enrollment only began last month; three students will begin a curriculum in the next few weeks, taught by one teacher.

It’s a small start — and now that it’s getting press coverage, it’s likely to generate backlash from conservatives, who never see the need for separate schools for queer youth. But it’s also one of these Band-Aid approaches. LGBT student shouldn’t need a school like this just to get their diploma. And yet, it’s the only reasonable solution for many.

Just make sure there aren’t any gays teaching there, ya here?

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