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Do Straight Guys Really Not Mind Being Kissed By Other Guys?


Judging from the decreasingly violent reactions of straight men on his recent “12 man-on-man kissing GIFs that went horribly wrong” post, How To Bottom Like A Porn Star author Mike Alvear seems to think that straight guys are becoming more and more OK with being kissed by gay (or gay for play) guys.

Although the first two GIFs of boxers taunting other boxers before a fight definitely went violently wrong, the other reactions range from the innocuous to the hilariously mortified to the (probably) aroused, and Alvear seems to think it’s due to society’s increasing levels of gay acceptance.

Some of the GIFs on our list show straight guys whose only reaction to a surprise lip-lock was a shoulder shrug, and in one case, to kiss back! If GIFs had been around ten years ago, I seriously doubt we’d see that kind of nonchalance. Wouldn’t that be great — to kiss your straight male friends on the lips hello or goodbye the way you do your gay friends? If our list is any indication, we’re not that far off.

Sorry Mike, we’d have to disagree.

First off, we don’t kiss any man on the lips that we’re not into doing other things with because the lips of a lot of gay men have a lot of mileage on them. And secondly, what straight man (who isn’t moonlighting as gay for pay) is going to be into getting full on mouth kisses from another dude, gay or straight?

We’ll definitely continue to chuckle at the GIFs but this is one we’re going to have to keep squarely in the Land Of Gay Writer Speculation. We do welcome you to give your theory a shot, create GIFs, and provide us with an update.

We’d be interested to see how that works out.

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