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Do Straight Guys Really Not Mind Being Kissed By Other Guys?


Judging from the decreasingly violent reactions of straight men on his recent “12 man-on-man kissing GIFs that went horribly wrong” post, How To Bottom Like A Porn Star author Mike Alvear seems to think that straight guys are becoming more and more OK with being kissed by gay (or gay for play) guys.

Although the first two GIFs of boxers taunting other boxers before a fight definitely went violently wrong, the other reactions range from the innocuous to the hilariously mortified to the (probably) aroused, and Alvear seems to think it’s due to society’s increasing levels of gay acceptance.

Some of the GIFs on our list show straight guys whose only reaction to a surprise lip-lock was a shoulder shrug, and in one case, to kiss back! If GIFs had been around ten years ago, I seriously doubt we’d see that kind of nonchalance. Wouldn’t that be great — to kiss your straight male friends on the lips hello or goodbye the way you do your gay friends? If our list is any indication, we’re not that far off.

Sorry Mike, we’d have to disagree.

First off, we don’t kiss any man on the lips that we’re not into doing other things with because the lips of a lot of gay men have a lot of mileage on them. And secondly, what straight man (who isn’t moonlighting as gay for pay) is going to be into getting full on mouth kisses from another dude, gay or straight?

We’ll definitely continue to chuckle at the GIFs but this is one we’re going to have to keep squarely in the Land Of Gay Writer Speculation. We do welcome you to give your theory a shot, create GIFs, and provide us with an update.

We’d be interested to see how that works out.

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  • renly

    Bold move making the caption picture Tyler Posey kissing Colton “glass closet” Haynes. Kind of defeats the purpose of the article.

  • Elloreigh

    “Do Straight Guys Really Not Mind Being Kissed By Other Guys?”

    No idea. I’m personally not a kisser. In my family, the women were kissers and the men handshakers. These days the women kiss less, and the men hug more. Always uncomfortable for me when someone other than my husband tries to kiss me, whether its friends or family.

  • hotboyvb81

    girls pretending to be lesbians- or acting like it for attention was big starting in the 90s- now it seems men are finally at that stage.

  • Billy Budd

    Yes, they mind. I kiss my gay friends on the cheek, but that is because they are gay. Here in Brazil very few men kiss their friends. Soccer players are an exception. Many, many are also bisexual.

  • DuncanK

    “If GIFs had been around ten years ago…”

    .gif as an image format was available in the 1980s and used for animated content in the 1990s. I still fondly recall including as many animated GIFs as possible on my early websites. Oh, that was a younger, wilder internet.

  • Mikah

    You never really hear about Gays being uncomfortable with kissing women.Straight guys need to grow up,they’re just afraid that they will like it.

  • stranded

    A straight guy can kiss another straight guy, as a joke to mess around because acting “gay” is funny to young straight guys. Hence games like “gay chicken” and whatever the fuck James Franco is doing with Seth Rogen. Once you get a real gay/bi guy in the mix, most of the time anything more than a handshake is getting too close. I think the list they gave kind of proves that. It was all in a joking manner and it was (Im guessing) 2 straight guys.

    BTW, #11 on that list, anybody know what’s it from?

  • doug105


    In handsome fellow YouTuber Ryan Higa’s action comedy short in 2010, “Agents Of Secret Stuff,” Anthony appeared as a character named Bryson, and Ian was a character named, ah, Pervert.

    Sometimes google chrome images search does come through.

  • contos

    I have several straight male friends who I kiss on the lips, and they kiss me right back. In my experience straight men are becoming increasingly open to connecting with gay men on an emotional level. We genuinely care about each other, and we aren’t afraid to show it.

  • michael mellor

    Kissing on the lips leads to herpes.

  • Billy Budd

    @michael mellor: I know you were joking, but it is very true. I had a phase when I was very promiscuous and I got herpes on the inside part of my cheek. Whenever I go through a stress period, the nasty “bubbles” pop out. I was lucky that my lips have been spared, so nobody knows I have it.

    But the statistics show that about 50 percent to 80 percent of US adults have oral herpes.

    It is normal.

  • Mezaien

    %87 of my friend are straight men. At work in he hospital, everywhere they love HOMOS, they just don`t know how to deal with it! so I help them.

  • Niall

    Haha, who were the two guys in the 3rd gif in that link? The reaction was cute.

  • Frank

    Colton Hayes is sooo NOT straight. lol…

  • stranded

    thanks, i appreciate it. the asian guy is really cute.

  • enlightenone

    @contos: Kissing on the lips is more than “care” it is intimate, unless it’s your father kissing you on the lips when you are under the age of 5 at least in this culture, and this is the exceptional affectionate man like myself. Even then, it is my child who “initiates” the kiss. Of course, you and your “straight” friends do want you want and call it what you want!

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