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Do These Spandex Pants Make Chris Brown Look Gay?


When not criticized for assault, rebounding singer Chris Brown is being attacked for his fashion. Namely, his tight pants. Because they make him look gay!

Brown’s history of slacks slagging is not new. In 2007, he was bagged for wearing pants that enhanced his bulge. In 2008, he was harped on for wearing tight pants too low. And in 2009 (i.e. just this week), he’s being blasted for his new album Graffiti‘s cover, where he sports Spandex pants in an homage to Space Jam.

But ever the confident heterosexual — and likely pleased to be attacked for something other than domestic violence — Brown is denouncing the haters. On The Twitter! He writes in a trio of tweets:

“My fashion isn’t limited to baggy azz jeans and fitted caps. I did that in ‘05. Cmon son. Hating is so lame…”


“I get paid to do this…U don’t get paid to hate…So why do it loser?”

For the record, Brown is also “so tired” of women who talk back. Fag.

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  • BSTL

    I love it.

  • Marcus

    He does have nice thighs, though.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Who’s Chris Brown? – Rihanna’s Mom!

  • Kree

    I want the whole outfit, even the guitar and robotic hand. I think they went overboard with the photoshoping of his face, he looks so different.

  • sal(the original)

    violence is wrong,violence is wrong,abuse is wrong,abuse is wrong,celebrity is no excuse,celebrity is no excuse excuse excuse

  • james p. p.

    Chris Brown is what makes Chris Brown look gay…

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I was lost at the “homage to Space Jam” part.

  • peace

    leave the boy alone

  • meezy

    i hate this guy…..

    and people say Kanye West is a jerk and dresses gay…..
    we should direct our hate in the correct direction ….. towards this faget, Chris Brown

  • jason

    He has poor calves, which create a bow-like effect in his lower legs.

  • Quake

    Whooping girls asses to now being a suspect gay?

    People are just retarded, leave this boy alone. I don’t see ya’ll trippin on hip hop rappers wearing tight fitted jeans. Tight fitteds are in now anyway. You youngn’s accepted it now enjoy it.

  • Lex

    Wait did you really just call him a fag at the end of the article?

    Fag which has been hailed by many of the gay community as being the same as the n-word.

    Why are you bringing up his assault on Rihanna? What does that have to do with your little article?

    Then you call him gay because of his pants? Are you a straight teenage homophobe?

    Notice there are no articles like this about any white male homophobes? When are you going to bash them? There are plenty to choose from.

    This is seriously just a hate mongering article with no validity or reasoning to justify it. You may not have gone at his race, but this attack sure is racially motivated, and at the same time full of homophobia. How utterly ridiculous.

    White gay bigots really have jumped the shark. It’s bad enough to be white and racist, but to be so transparent is on top of it…you think you’re helping your cause? All I can do is laugh and shake my head.

  • Jaron

    “Fag” ? Are you serious?

    Dont on one hand blast athletes and stars for using that word as hate speech and then throw it around in your own sanctimonious drivel. Typical hypocritical bitter homos.

  • BlckNPrd

    Chris Brown looks like a monkey APE.
    (maybe it’s because of his low eyebrows)

    Seriously — the boy looks exactly like an ape (or maybe a
    chimp or something — but definitely some type of a monkey).

    It surprises me that few people seem to have ever noticed this.

    It’s not racist to say this either — because it is ‘Chris Brown’
    (and not ‘every single black person’) who looks like a monkey.

    His old mentor, P Diddy, looks exactly like either
    ‘a buck-toothed monkey’ or a ‘close-cropped horse’

    With all the money that he has, why hasn’t he at least tried
    to get his gi-normous teeth ‘sanded down’ and ‘pushed back’?

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