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  • eyeroll

    It’s too bad the “thumbs down” feature isn’t available to suppress an entire entry.


    I think they were looking for someone to “carry their bags”……. :-p

  • Jack

    Some people. On a street. Having a conversation.

    And this is this is newsworthy…why?

  • Tessie Tura

    Heck, they could be asking directions to the nearest Walgreens, for all we know.

  • joseph

    the grove is not in west hollywood!

  • Andrew

    First of all it could be the model’s grandfather and great uncle. Secondly just because one is old it doesn’t mean that one cannot appreciate a good looking man and have a bit of a flirt. I am on the shady side of forty and I bloody well enjoy a flirt even though I know I have not a chance in hell.

  • tofer david

    the real issue is why is he wearing a belt with suspenders. that’s number 1. number 2, i feel like he should be selling canned potato chips door to door–charlie’s chips.


    @tofer david: “the real issue is why is he wearing a belt with suspenders”…..*funny*……Some of you Gays gots to lighten up! The photo was most likely put up to elicit snarky funny comments (we Gays are notorious for that :-p). Sometimes you are allowed to post something simply to try for a few ha haz……………..

  • jeffree

    Flirting is a lost art form. Done right, it’s harmless. Done wrong, you get your face slap. It requires subtlety. It often cheers people up, leads to better “customer service” in stores /bars / restaurants people & occassionally gets one a new friend. Or more.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: How many times do i need to tell u that its “sac handling” or even “sac duty”? ;-D

  • Arkano18

    I fail to see why this is relevant.

  • Realbad

    It’s his priest!

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