Do We Smell Nazis?

Read the Polish edition of Newsweek lately? All the hippest gays are doing it. Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz is a name to remember, if not pronounce. Nominated by the so-called Law and Justice party to be the next Prime Minister of Poland, he told Polish Newsweek that propagating homosexuality is an infringement on the freedom of other people.


Wonder where in the name of RuPaul he got that? “It is unnatural,” said the bigot. “If such a person tries to infect others with their homosexuality, then the state has to intervene in such an abuse of freedom.” Kazimierz has declared unacceptable the promoting of homosexuality through parades or campaigns by gay rights groups.

Queerty’s practical recommendation is for 50 million gays to visit Poland at once. Let it all rub off on Kazimierz. We know homosexuality is contagious and the sheer mass of millions will prove more than he can withstand. Meanwhile in reality, the bigoted mayor of Warsaw refused to grant permission for a gay pride parade in June. 2,500 marched anyhow; their enemies showed up to throw eggs and stones at them. What would be Polish for “We love you too”? As the photo here of Kazimierz demonstrates, you can put a troglodyte in a modern suit but you can’t take him out dancing.