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Do You Believe Sen. Brownback (Or Any Family Member) Doesn’t Know About Uganda’s Gays?

Why won’t Sam Brownback, the Republican U.S. senator from Kansas, join the other members of D.C.’s religious cult The Family to denounce Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, which the group, arguably, helped perpetrate? Even John Ensign, the anti-gay moral-less senator, is coming out against it. Brownback insists to a roving camera-equipped camera that he doesn’t know about the bill, so he can’t comment. But how about in general terms, does he support the death penalty for gays? Yeah, can’t comment on that either.

Which — for now, as in, this very second — we’re fine with. Politicians are wise not to make public comments to strangers armed with cameras about things they are unfamiliar with. But we suspect Brownback isn’t telling the whole truth about whether he’s familiar with the bill. And if he wasn’t then, he should be by now — he watches Rachel Maddow‘s show. So, now that “this very second” has passed, how ’bout it, Brownback?