Michael Henry and friends discuss hanging out with straight people

Fans of YouTube comic Michael Henry have praised his latest video as one of his funniest of the year.

In it, Michael is enjoying time out with two friends and discussing the topic of showers: Michael is a believer that gay people shower facing away from the showerhead while straight people shower facing it.

Erm, OK.

One of the friends, Gabriel, then invites Michael and the other chum, Tonatiuh, to go with him to visit other pals who have a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. He promises them free catering and alcohol.

The only catch? The owners of the home are straight… which instantly proves a turn-off for Michael and Tonatiuh.

Michael says he’s not “out of town.” Tonatiuh says he’s already used up his “straight hours” for the month.

Michael goes on to warn his friend his straight acquaintances will have him playing pickleball if he’s not careful, and “Pickleball is a straight person’s gateway drug!”

Gabriel then goes on to explain how he enjoys being the “token gay”, claiming, “They think I’m special and funny. And they actually listen to me when I talk.”

Watch below. It does contain some risque language.

We’re not sure anyone enjoys being the “token” whatever… or do they? And more pertinently, would the idea of hanging out with straight people socially horrify you as much as it does Michael and his friend?

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