testing, testing

Do you pass the gay tests that are going viral online?

A man looks with shock and surprise at his cellphone
Posed by model (Photo: Shutterstock)

Twitter has been bombarded over the last couple of days with so-called “gay tests”… and some have left us questioning our sexuality. Or at least our knowledge of pop culture!

It’s unclear where it began, but we think the first relevant tweet came from a Lady Gaga fan account on Tuesday. It posted a heavily pixelated image and told viewers: “This is a gay test,”

Scroll down slowly if you don’t want to immediately see the answer…

Given who posted it, many quickly identified the image.

It’s the cover artwork for the singer’s 2013 album ArtPop.

Artpop album artwork

The tweet quickly racked up over 30,000 likes. A slew of further gay tests has followed.

For example, we think this Oscar-winning drama is pretty easy:

As is this Britney-related one:

And this one:

This is a little tougher, but we also quickly identified it:

It’s the “in front of my salad?” woman from a cult gay adult entertainment video.

Right in front of my salad meme

In fact, adult entertainment threw up quite a few tests.

Any ideas on this one?

Yes, it’s that Colby Jansen classic: ‘Son Swap’.

Colby Jansen Son Swap

The images have become increasingly pixelated and more challenging. Can you guess this one?

It’s actually Andy’s makeover from The Devil Wears Prada (as played by Anne Hathaway).

The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada (20th Century Fox)

Search ‘This is a gay test’ on Twitter for a whole load more. They’re becoming increasingly difficult.