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  • Quinn

    According to this, both my Senators and my Congressman support it – and I’m in Virginia! A pleasant surprise.

  • galefan2004

    @Quinn: A lot more people support ENDA then most would believe. Its not marriage, so the if the fundies target it they have no real argument other than calling us less than human, and less people buy that argument than buy the “sanctity of marriage” bull shit.

  • TimNCGuy

    Heath Schuler (D) NC. He might as well be a republican.

  • B.

    Curiously, Google wants you to log in to view the list. Why is it set up that way? My first reaction is that something is wrong here. Why should I have to disclose my identity to google and confirm it by typing in a password just to see this list?

    From what I can gather, Google is gay friendly – the issue is not google per se but the idea that I should have to provide personally identifying information to a third party to see what my senators and congress critters are up to.

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