Doctor Claims He Can Convert Homosexuals With A Box Of Crayons

Jerry_Mugandze_Gay_Cure_Crayon_Brain_Cure_MeYou can file this with the claim that listening to Adele will turn you gay.

Another float in the crazy parade that aired during Dr. Christian Jessen’s documentary program Cure Me, I’m Gay is Jerry Mungadze, a Zimbabwe minister turned Texas neurotherapist who tries to cure the gay away with a box of Crayolas and a coloring book.

Mungadze gives Jessen a picture of a brain and some crayons, telling him to color the page.

Then he fills Jessen in on the “science” behind the technique, and is recorded on hidden camera saying:

“Part of your pain is growing up like you don’t belong in your family, this is what the brown means. So this grey is seducing brown and brown starts agreeing whatever grey is, not knowing that grey is trying to steal your sexuality.”

Which is really the only logical explanation if you think about it.

Jessen gives a typical dubious reaction, and later it’s reveled that Mungadze is colorblind himself.

Given the circumstances, that makes just as much sense as any other part of the story. As long as you’re making wild claims, may as well make them reckless and paradoxical while you’re at it.

Like the albino speech therapist who cures stuttering with tanning beds.

Or the diabetic rabbi who can make you a vegetarian by dosing you with pixie sticks and pork rinds.

Mungadze isn’t happy with how he was portrayed, and is attempting legal action against the show’s producers.

Here he is explaining some of his discoveries. Good luck with that court battle, buddy.

h/t: Gay Star News