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Doctor Claims Listening To Adele Will Turn You Gay

Adele Brit Awards 2012Adele will turn you gay, according to retired Texan doctor John Smid.

The UK’s Channel 4 will show a one-off documentary tonight, following openly gay (and rather handsome) Dr. Christian Jessen as he visits a bunch of ‘gay cure’ doctors to discuss their alleged cures.

Dr. Jessen will look at fairly mundane and harmless activities such as colour therapy, or changing the kind of music you listen to, favoured by Dr Smid. Apparently music popular within the gay community should be avoided, so no more Adele, Gaga, Kylie, etc…

He’ll also look into the horrifying “aversion therapy,” formerly available on the UK’s National Health Service, which involves spending up to three days in your own vomit, urine and feces.

The Channel 4 website says that Dr Jessen undergoes “as many therapies as possible,” setting out to prove or disprove their claims by offering himself up as a suitable case for treatment.

He says: “I am astounded that in this day and age people still think that being gay is a curable condition. It’s a load of utter rubbish.”


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  • sfbeast

    If listening to Adele will turn you gay, I’m assuming watching Nascar races will turn you straight.

  • Dakotahgeo

    This reparative therapy garbage absolutely tickles me. Dr. Omar’s Snake Oil apparently is still selling well among the religious/political extremist groups. How sad, but at the same time, hilarious!

  • Malcontent

    I hate these kinds of pseudo-science shows. It’s a total non-sense premise; he’s not going out to “prove or disprove” whether these therapies work – he knows they don’t. This is just a show exposing these ridiculous and prejudiced practices. That’s actually a laudable goal in itself, why can’t they just say that instead of dressing it up as a science show? (They’re actually having the inadvertent and harmful effect of making these nonsense therapies seem like they have some kind of reasonable scientific basis that can be tested)

  • Cam

    Basically, all their “Cures” are merely ways to help gays hide in the closet. Which is the real goal of these “Doctors” anyway.

  • tricky ricky

    adele makes me want to shove an ice pick through my eardrums

  • dazzer

    Just watched the programme and it’s excellent. It’s not a heavy-going attack on ex-gay therapies, it just exposes the stupidity of the supposed ‘cures’ and the damage they do to people.

    Also, the journalistic previews of the show do damage to the reputation of John Smid. While he does make the comment about Adele, he’s doing in a recreation of the stuff that used to be said in the ex-gay organisation that he has since left – and repudiated.

    He then explains why it was stupid in the first place. Also, the programme never calls him a doctor, it calls him a therapist. The guy comes across as pretty well-balanced and intelligent.

    And if you don’t watch it for an investigation into ex-gay therapies, watch it because it’s presented by an openly gay doctor who is seriously hot (he used to be an underwear model) and has the most fantastic ass.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, you can always count on some right-wing American idiot trying to export their bigotry can we?

  • Goforit

    @sfbeast: Johnny Cash might turn you straight (although he did sing “A Boy Named Sue”). Nascar just turns you stupid and deaf.

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