Bury your gays

‘Doctor Who’ introduces new gay character… only to kill him off 25 seconds later

Doctor Who buries its gays

Doctor Who may have set a TV record with the fastest “Bury Your Gays” moment ever.

Fans of the hit BBC sci-fi show were thrilled when a new gay character was introduced in its New Year’s Day special “Resolution.”

But the excitement didn’t last long. Because less than half a minute later, the character had his lifeless body dragged down an empty hallway.

Actor Connor Calland made his TV debut playing a gay security guard named Richard. In his

When asked who can open a fingerprint-controlled door, Richard responds: “Today, just me. Most secure digits in Yorkshire. That’s what I tell my boyfriend, anyway. I probably shouldn’t be telling you that, I’m new at this.”

And that’s when he gets killed.

Naturally, fans aren’t pleased with Doctor Who murdering yet another LGBTQ character.

Here’s what they’ve been saying on Twitter…

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