Doctor Leaves Male Patients Feeling “Dirty And Ashamed” After Inappropriate Check-Ups

460023341“Steve” (not his real name) made an appointment to see Dr. Kelvin Thuc Minh Vo in Sydney, Australia after developing an ache in his back. What happened next, however, left him “scarred for life.”

According to the 18-year-old patient, Dr. Vo asked him a slew of inappropriate questions that were totally irrelevant to his current medical condition. The questions included whether the young man enjoyed watching pornography, if he liked “rough sex,” if he was sexually attracted to Asian men, and if he was a “giver” or “taker.”

In a follow-up visit, Steve claims Dr. Vo grabbed the young man’s crotch then propositioned him for sex. The incident, he says, left him feeling “dirty and ashamed” and led him to file an official report with the Health Care Complaint Commission.

A second alleged victim has also filed a report.

27-year-old “George” (also not his real name) claims Dr. Vo tried to perform oral sex on him during a visit in 2011. When the patient told the doctor to stop, Vo allegedly begged, “I’m prepared to give anything to you if you don’t tell anyone.”

This week, a tribunal determined that Vo had “exploited a relationship of trust with his young and vulnerable patient” and called for his medical license to be suspended for at least two years to maintain public confidence in doctors.

“We have found the practitioner to be untruthful, and can place no weight on his expressed remorse for his actions, other than his remorse for the consequences of those actions on him and his wife,” the tribunal said.

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