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  • Charlie in Charge

    Love the combination of the hosts’ specializations. It must make for an interesting mix of answers.

  • cameoutinthe80s

    I’ve watched all episodes so far, and I generally really like Mike and Katie’s answers; Dougall and Heidi seem to make jokes out of most calls. I get that humor is necessary for this show/channel, and it’s meant to just be an informative/entertainment show, but sometimes Heidi and Dougall don’t even answer the question. Katie and Mike seem to really enjoy the show but not at the expense of the callers.

  • longpastdue

    calling Dougall a professional gay man would have given him more legitimacy on this show than his current role as “psychic,” which basically means that he is there to joke and twice an episode he has to say something like “I’m getting a reading on you and blah, blah, blah.” I like every part of this show except the absolute crap that is his “psychic,” status.

  • dbg2002

    Dr Mike may want to re-read his Freud, or at least the latest in neuro-psychoanalysis. All the brain chemistry research he references actually supports neo-Freudian theory and clinical practice. Oh, and the “blank slate” idea – Freud’s.

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