Doctor Thinks Bone Marrow Transplant May Have Cured AIDS

Could a genetically selected bone marrow transplant have cured an American living in Berlin of AIDS? Dr. Gero Huetter of Berlin’s Charite Hospital says that 20 months later, his patient no longer shows signs of carrying the virus.

“Huetter’s patient was under treatment at Charite for both AIDS and leukemia, which developed unrelated to HIV.

As Huetter – who is a hematologist, not an HIV specialist – prepared to treat the patient’s leukemia with a bone marrow transplant, he recalled that some people carry a genetic mutation that seems to make them resistant to HIV infection. If the mutation, called Delta 32, is inherited from both parents, it prevents HIV from attaching itself to cells by blocking CCR5, a receptor that acts as a kind of gateway.

“I read it in 1996, coincidentally,” Huetter told reporters at the medical school. “I remembered it and thought it might work.”

It seems it may have. While HIV researchers warn that more extensive testing is required to prove that the virus no longer exists, Dr. Huetter is hopeful the case will be useful to researchers studying gene therapy treatments to cure AIDS. The procedure itself, if effective, could only be used in last-line defenses as it is both extremely costly and likely to be lethal, as it requires destroying all existing infected bone marrow through drugs and radiation.

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  • Trenton



    But Ouch…any bone marrow transplant is rough. That just sounds horrific. The guy looks no worse for the wear, though.

  • Tin Tin

    uhh trenton, that’s the doctor

  • ChicagoJimmy

    LOL, Tin Tin.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    My View (above) is more misinformed than the women on the View. I am actually shocked that the Queerty AllStars (I’m on YouTube!) actually care about Gay People Living with AIDS or finding a Cure or Vaccine or better services for the poor or AIDSphobia in the Gay Population. Knock me over with a Feather. Could this be a “New” caring Queerty?

  • My View

    @ No. 5 · seitan-on-a-stick –

    Why I am misinformed please?

  • Trenton

    haha…helps to read the article on something other than a blackberry, apparently. :\ Thanks for the update, Tin Tin.

  • The Milkman

    Please don’t allow bullshit medical devices to be spammed on the comments section of this site.

    Thank you.

  • butterpantz

    @No. 6 My View…

    Yeah, I’ll get my medical equipment from a guy who hangs with UFO enthusiasts in a camper. Bob Beck…fail.

    He makes Scientology seem normal.

  • My View

    @ No. 8 · The Milkman

    Have you tried them? NO! BTW: I’m not spamming the devices, nor selling them. You can build one yourself for & 20,- or order via Ebay for $ 50,- or so. A hell of a lot cheaper than a bone marrow transplant (AND TOTALLY PAINLESS).

    A family member who works as a (very well known) scientist in the field od virology (in Berlin and Israel) told me that DR Beck’s method absolutely WORKS. NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER! He uses it himself as a precaution not to get I’ll!!! He concurs that the method kills ALL viruses, bacteria, fungi and pathogens. Using this method does NO harm to the patient. He explained to me that ‘if a lot of electricity can kill a man, a little electricity can crack the membranes of all these nasty creatures and kill them. NO DOUBT!’.

    The only disadvantage it has, according to him, is that it can not be patented, basically costs nothing, can be applied at home and puts big pharma, many hospitals and (so called) doctors and chemists out of business. Hence the non approval by the FDA. But the FDA also never approved heart bypass surgery :) .

    SIX of my acquaintances or friends have been completely CURED of AIDS within only SIX weeks by using Dr Becks method! Two of my employees in Africa have been completely cured of CANCER within 8 WEEKS. Gone! Forever!!!

    @ Butterpantz –

    I don’t need your snide remarks, I simply put this information up here because it relates to the article “Doctor Thinks Bone Marrow Transplant May Have Cured AIDS”. So it is well within context!

    If you (or a loved-one) ever come down with a life-threatening virus (AIDS, Ebola, H5N1) etc. you might remember this comment. I mentioned Dr Beck’s method here in the hope that it might help someone. If you don’t appreciate the method or have vested interests in not promoting it (and rather have people suffer and die) then simply ignore it.

    Dr Beck deserves the Nobel prize for his discoveries. He is a decent human being, one of the few that will speak the truth irrespective of the consequences, he has not made money his God.

    I salute him!

  • My View

    Further to my previous comment, here is the patent:

    And here are the FREE plans of the device:

    (Hint: Download the PDF file. It contains a LARGE copy of the plan).

    Parts available from Radio Shack, Maplin etc. Any electronics guy can build a device for you if you are all ‘thumbs’.

    NOTE: Because to protect the GREEDY this device is not allowed to be sold as a healing or CURE device (which it is) but can be and is sold as a ‘Plant Growth Stimulator’. HOW SICK IS AMERICA?

    I hope my messages here will save many, many lives!

  • Austin Lee

    Although this finding is exciting and has potential, it’s way too early on the curve, and way too costly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though that in time this evolves into something safe and cost-effective. Austin

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