Lessons learned from the Westboro Baptist Church

Documenting the Crazies

Well isn’t this just a darling song, which opens this clip from the BBC’s documentary The Most Hated Family in America about the Westboro Baptist Church, the lunatic (we needed a stronger word than “conservative”) Kansas church founded by Fred Phelps that operates the website, and our homepage, GodHatesFags.com. It aired back in December 2007, and yet seems all the more relevant and worth revisiting, as the Phelps clan continues its mission against our community. The church’s latest target, you’ll recall, is Silverton, Oregon, home to transgender mayor Stu Rasmussen. All this is an exercise in free speech — something we wholeheartedly encourage. We’re entirely fine with Westboro’s right to call gay men and women sinners and the work of the devil, because it shines a light on just how ridiculous their arguments are. It’s just too bad they had to bring their kids into it.