Does a Part-Time Work Study Gig During College Satisfy Rep. Kirk’s ‘Nursery School Teacher’ Claim?

Add another line item of historical controversy to Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk’s CV: Nursery school teacher.

Not only did the closeted senator vote against repealing DADT, and not only did his claim about “deploying” to Afghanistan come back to haunt him (he really only took part in two-week training missions as a Navy reservist), but now his history as “a former nursery school and middle school teacher” are being challenged.

That’s because Kirk’s nursery school teaching service amounts to just a part-time work study job during his Cornell tenure, and his middle school teaching career amounts to just a year in London at a private school.

Technically, his statements could be considered “true,” but shouldn’t we expect our elected officials — Kirk wants to graduate from congressman to U.S. senator — to more transparent and forthcoming with the truth? Or as transparent and forthcoming with the truth as BP executives?

At least Kirk has only attempted to mislead, and not lie about his sexuality then?

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  • Cam

    I for one can’t wait until the news media stops using words like “Mislead”, “Was less than forthcoming”, “Misspoke”, and starts saying what these politicians did. “Lied”.

  • Baxter

    From what I gather, the problem wasn’t that he claimed to be a teacher, because he was in fact a teacher, albeit for not very long. The real problem was his claim that his students were bringing guns to class, which is a little hard to buy in a nursery school.

  • whatever

    @Baxter: Steve Poizner, the Republican who lost to Meg Whitman, wrote a book about his whole semester teaching in a Bay Area school.

    He painted a picture of the school as some bleak, inner city hell-hole out of the movie “Dangerous Minds” but it turns out, upon verification, it was a middle class community more out of the Brady Bunch.


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