Does Al Yankovic Out-Weird Lady Gaga In His Born This Way Spoof?

Everyone’s favorite played-out cover artist Weird Al has done it again! After some rumored behind-the-scenes tussling between he and Lady Gaga, the musical parodist has recently covered Gaga’s Born This Way and the video shows Weird Al in various outfits mimicing the pop star’s style and even donning a meat skirt. But can his video’s madness ever hope to match the Lady’s?

To further the idea that Gaga’s song ripped off Madonna‘s Express Yourself, a Madonna impersonator makes an appearance to smirk in disapproval of Gaga Yankovic! The whole video however seems to be a little too late and a whole lot of lame—did it really take a whole two months after the Gaga’s initial release to digitally attach Yankovic’s face onto a woman’s body? If this is the best Yank can come up with so late into the game, then perhaps he really wasn’t born to perform this way.

One good thing though: he does definitely include some gay nods, from his rainbow-colored arm warmers to his sexy cop backup dancers.