Does Andy Baldwin Give Roses To Men?

We know it’s a mental strain, but we need you to think back to earlier this morning, when we passed on a little Page Six material and asked which reality show starring athlete “has a history of giving roses to other male atheletes?”

We have to admit, we’re a little disappointed in you guys. Surely reader Ryan isn’t the only one out there who knows a thing or two about reality shows and their allegedly homosexual contestants. No matter, because his solitary message may have blown the lid off the mystery, informing us via this link that the next Bachelor‘s none other than triathlete Andy Baldwin.

We did a little digging and here’s what we found: he’s 30-years old, hails from Pennsylvania, ranked 234 out of 1800 in the 206 Ironman competition (his sixth, by the way). Also, he’s a medical doctor, once dated a girl named Jessiqa (seriously? a q?) and works for the Navy’s special operations dive unit stationed in Pearl Harbor.

The most damning piece of evidence comes from the ABC press release announcing Baldwin’s Bachelor involvement:

Andy’s achievements are matched by his good-natured personality, stunning good looks and self-deprecating sense of humor. He’s an unabashed romantic, has watched the series and believes that the show can help find him the woman who could become his wife.

Question: what straight man watches The Bachelor? Actually, let’s expand that one: who watches The Bachelor?

So, what’s this all mean? We don’t know. Maybe nothing. We can say, however, that he looks kind of like a ‘mo and that time in the navy’s just fueling our imaginations…

Now, do some snooping of your own:, Baldwin Fan’s MySpace page, and, finally (not relationship to