Does Appearing On TV With Hate Leaders Like Peter Sprigg Just Legitimize Them?

I’m not sure: Should we be applauding Servicemembers United founder Alex Nicholson for appearing on television to refute the comments of FRC conspiracy theorist Peter Sprigg, or completely rejecting the idea of any actual gay leader lending credence to the positions of guys like this by saying it’s okay to give them a voice at the table?

Sprigg, and his boss Tony Perkins, continue pushing not only ridiculous theories about what the repeal of DADT will bring — increased HIV transmissions among servicemembers, increased rapes, increased retention problems, increased casualties and missing legs — but that pro-repeal lawmakers caved to the “homosexual lobby,” rather than doing what is right. And while I’m the ultimate cynic about whether lawmakers ever do what is “right” versus what lobbyists convince them what is right, if The Gays really had so much power to get elected officials to do their bidding, we wouldn’t be be so far along the fight to pass ENDA with nothing to show for it.

But maybe with Dan Choi and Robin McGehee being welcomed to Obama’s signing of the repeal law — Wednesday at 9:15am at the Dept. of Interior — they’ll be able to insert a mind control chip into his head, and Sprigg’s dreams can come true.