Does attitude Live?

The attitude mystery continues to consume us. You may recall the popular British fag-rag went missing at the dawn of the new year, leading many to assume it had unceremoniously folded. One distributor rebuffed the rumors, insisting they had heard it would be a wee-bit late. Unfortunately, their explanations did nothing to address the fact that the website and email addresses had all been disabled.

Doing a little follow-up, we headed over to the mag’s MySpace page, which proudly proclaims:

The best gay magazine in the world! We’re back, back, back baby. With a bang! The February issue features a naked McFly, a pissed off Diana Ross and a world exclusive as Kele Okereke of Bloc Party discusses his sexuality. Plus boys, boys, boys.

The note, coupled with the alleged cover for their alleged February issue leads one to believe that rumors of the mag’s premature death were unwarranted.

We’re still perplexed, however, as to why the website’s still down and, more importantly, why our emails to editor Adam Mattera keep coming back with the ominous note that delivery “failed permanently”?

Regardless, we’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one. Until we get the answers we want, we’ll have to make do with the McFly pictures we ganked from the aforementioned MySpace page and posted after the jump.