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Does Boulder’s Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School Also Deny Kids Born Out of Wedlock?

Actually, this is something reader George wonders about, who says he might be relocating to the Boulder area, and CC’d us on an email he sent to Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School, which last week made headlines for refusing to let the child of two lesbians return.

Writes George: “I understand that the Diocese denied enrollment in Sacred Heart of Jesus PreSchool to a child of a lesbian couple. Is it to fair to assume that the Diocese would also deny enrollment to a child of a single parent, if that child was conceived out-of-wedlock? Or, does the Diocese pick and choose which Church teachings it enforces? Perhaps the parent of the child born out-of-wedlock promises to not engage in further sexual relations outside of marriage? If that is the case, how is that agreement monitored? Also, does that restriction (not engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage) hold true for all parents enrolled in Catholic Schools in Boulder?”

Yes. Let’s find the cheating heteros and get their kids kicked out. Something tells us enrollment at Sacred Heart would plummet.