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Does Dan Choi Want A Free Lifetime Gay Dating Site Membership?

Never one to pass up an opportunity for free publicity, the gay dating website ManCrunch — which scored untold millions in free marketing over its rejected Super Bowl ad — is now offering a free lifetime membership to all gay American soldiers. (Well, if you’re a dude.) And even if you can no longer wear the uniform, because you were discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? You’re still eligible! But you’ll have to basically expose yourself to score a freebie.

According to the site’s guidelines for the free membership:

Any interested US military are eligible for the offer and can obtain their free lifetime membership beginning October 1st by sending a discreet photo of themselves in their military gear to [email protected] as proof of service. As an alternative will also accept a copy of military ID with name/ID# blocked out. Gay military are invited to sign up for their free lifetime membership any time through November 1, 2010.

And while there have already been a number of post-DADT gay weddings, let’s see if we can make the first one happen as a result of a publicity-wise dating site!