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Does Darren Criss Speak Gay Slang? Is Demark Cooler Than America? Is Gaga Better Than Madonna?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  

“He’s using London gay street slang: ‘Prince Azim of Brunei’s birthday party” is a fetish club night in Old Compton Street. ‘The English countryside’ means between two leather-clad bears.. and ‘Whitney Houston’ is what all the girls call Prince Harry.

Lefty has his own interpretation, in Darren Criss Is Figuring Out How To Succeed In Show Business Without Really Trying


“In Denmark we have police in the most popular cruising park in Copenhagen. They are there to protect the cruising guys. The municipality has put out free condoms in bins round the park. I guess you guys in America know what you are doing but it sure sounds like you have messed-up relationship to sex and sexuality. Quite frankly i feel sorry for all these moralistic people here who are so estranged to sexuality.”

Martin thinks Americans need to loosen up, in Palm Beach Cops Entrap Over 600 Men At Popular Cruising Grounds


“Evidently there’s no merit badge for minding your own business!”

Greybat questions one scout’s honor, in 14-Year-Old Tosses Her Cookies When Girl Scouts Accept Trans Member


“Aren’t storm troopers all clones of the same person? What’s that, clonecest?

Eric is up on his Star Wars trivia, in WATCH: Stormtroopers Take Gay Love To The Dark Side In Stars Wars Spoof


“Madge is my generation and I enjoy her music, but she was never a great singer. It was only when she wanted to play Evita that she took voice lessons, and [then she] later learned guitar. Plus, she was always a bitch in interviews and still looks to be. I don’t think she would cross the street to interact with her fans or sign an autograph. Our Lady of the Gaga, on the other hand, is a real singer and musician. She loves her fans and dares to walk into a crowd of them to hug people and sign autographs. Pretty daring with all the nutcases running around.”

BlueIvy12 doesn’t mean to pick favorites but does, in Will Madonna Unleash A Curse On Lady Gaga During Her ABC Interview?


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  • Triple S

    A trend I’m seeing in these thingys is that they’re becoming more centered on funny things or pretty much anything not serious. That’s certainly not an issue (I like a good laugh), but we can really share with others on Queerty our insightful views on things. I’ve seen in this past week very interesting viewpoints and opinions, and I think it would be good to put them into the weekly comments articles.
    Plus, if there’s any new comers to Queerty and they see just comedic things, it may give them the wrong idea of what the site is for. Just a possibility! Don’t bite my head off! But since we’re all ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure you won’t.

  • shle896

    All of these comparisons to Madonna are ridiculous. They are both immensely talented, but they’re in two totally different leagues. If Lady Gaga is making hit records and selling out arenas all over the world in the year 2038, THEN you can compare the two.

    Just three years ago Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour became the most successful concert tour by a single artist EVER and her album Hard Candy was the 11th best selling-album of 2008 globally.

    Maybe Lady Gaga can do that, maybe she can’t, but we won’t know for another 25 years.

  • CMObrero

    So… been a real singer or musician is about beeing nice at interviews, huggings fans and signing autographs .

  • really

    Well he’s a teeny tiny gay twink so….

  • Ron

    @CMObrero: That’s not what the writers point was trying to get a cross. There’s more to being a star then just singing your songs and performing them on stage. Gaga engages with her fans, unlike many other stars. Madonna while she may be a huge star, is not as friendly to her own fans and while she is a great performer she does not have anything particularly special about her voice.

  • PTBoat

    Darren Criss has already stated that he grew up in the San Francisco theater community and that gay culture is a part of who he is. The kid obviously doesn’t have any hang ups about gay or straight, so why do some of us gay people have to put ours on him? So, he uses gay slang? And?

  • christopher di spirito

    Darren Criss is adorable. Plus, he can sing and dance. His addition to Glee was brilliant.

  • Some Random Guy

    Where’s “Demark”? Yeah yeah, I realize you guys hate for us to criticize your spelling – you actually made a point of telling us so! – but it seems strange that every other day there’s a misspelling in a headline. Don’t you have spell check there? The red line is your friend.

  • Adam Sass

    “English Countryside” means between two leather-clad gay bears.” First laugh of the day! Thank you! :)

  • Melvin

    @christopher di spirito: It’s spelled DeMark. He’s DeShawn’s cousin. America is that Mexican girl they both dated.

  • Mike

    Darren Criss is adorable! Lady Gaga trumps madonna, but let’s be honest; Cher did it all first and better.

    Take care and God bless

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Melvin: You’re way off demark.


  • shannon


  • declanto

    About those merit badges? Whose business are you refering to? Denmark’s? Gay cruisers? Are you suggesting that only those who reside in Palm Beach should comment? Do you even realise that your website is actually global? Whose business is that?

  • CMObrero

    So being a good singer or musician is about being a good “star”.

    No wonder why you call singers and musicians “performers” in the USA. xD!

  • Sean

    So sick of the Little Monsters hating on Madonna. They’re making me sick of GaGa b/c her fans attack fans of EVERY other artist in every music article I read. Fact is GaGa will NEVER be Madonna. You can claim she’s a better vocalist (when there are plenty of singers that sing better than GaGa) but Madonna is still a far more creative and original artist. GaGa is a new Mercedes…slightly imporved but Madonna is the classic version that every one is inspired by. Madonna has sold more albums than any female. She has more top 10 hits than any other artist or band, she has the highest grossing solo tour ever, is the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy’s and a Golden Globe. she is the biggest female star to ever walk this planet and people only hate on her all of a suddenly b/c she’s middle aged.

  • Mike

    I was the American who speaks Danish who wrote to Martin back in the old post. I finally got a chance to read his response to me and I agree with all of it. I wanted to thank him for his time in writing a nice post. I think it just boils down to Americans are just not as socially “free” as Danes (or Norwegians or a lot of Europeans). We’re not “bad people”; we’re just going to get to your realizations later.


    @Mike: Hei, hei! Jeg er norsk og svensk liten. Jeg snukka norsk liten. Jeg bor i usa og jeg vill jarne a bo i norge. Kan du yelp meg? Tusen takk! I need 2 converse w/ other Scandanavian language speaking people. I know that modern Norwegian has been Danicized. If one wants 2 learn REAL Norwegian they need 2 learn Icelandic. Their language has been virtually unchanged since the 13th century. As 2 the querry if Denmark is better than the USA, that I can’t say. However, I traveled 2 Norway 3 and half yrs ago and I do believe there r a lot of apects of Norwegian culture that is better than it is here. They have legalized ssm and you can date a 15 yr old if one wanted to. Fifteen is the legal age 2 have consensual sex. So a 19 yr old can hook up w/ a 15 yr and not get charged w/ statutory rape. They r so much more sensible in the Nordic countries.

  • Geoff

    The comment about Darren Criss is an exercise in both confirmation bias and cherry picking.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Geoff: The comment about Darren Criss is an exercise in being funny and ironic. Your comment is an exercise in not getting the fucking joke.

  • mdr12794

    I agree with BlueIvy12…
    Gaga is today’s Madonna, yes. But Madonna consistently comes off as a bitch in her interviews. I will never got over that! Even at 54 years old, she’s still snooty and seems to think she’s way superior to everybody in interviews.
    Despite what a lot of people say, Gaga didn’t COPY Madonna. Madonna was just has had an influence on her. Everyone has their influences, just like all artists have someone who inspired them to become who they are. I don’t believe that means that Gaga has copied anybody. Look at all the people out there who are constantly copying Michael Jackson’s style\dance?
    I love Madonna and Gaga, but personally, Gaga has more singing ability and a more obvious love for her fans. If that doesn’t make you love her, than what will?

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