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Does Harold Ford Jr. ‘Regret’ Voting (Twice) to Ban Gay Marriage?

When asked that question directly, his response was comically vague: “I have been in politics for 14 years. I was elected back in 1996 … over the 14 years, have I learned and have I listened? Absolutely. Understand, Michael, I did not go from zero to 10. I was for civil unions and believed strongly that the flow of benefits and protections that would be provided in a civil union for same-sex couples, the decisions that have to be made, when health hardships are faced, when economic hardships are faced, I wanted all of those protections. I never strayed from them. It was just the issue of marriage, that particularly over the last three years, I have come to understand differently.”

Oh, and did we mention Ford also voted for a bill that would have banned gay adoption in D.C.?

EARLIER: Does Harold Ford Jr. Have Any Chance of Saving His Anti-Gay Reputation?

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  • Brian NJ

    One more Democrat who thinks about our civil rights in terms of votes, instead of in terms of their elected duties to uphold the constitution.

  • Steve

    Harold Ford Jr. has a LONG voting record of voting against gays at every opportunity. He has asked for gay money and gay votes before every one of his elections. He has voted against us after every one of his elections.

    Politicians lie to get elected. Ignore what they say. Pay attention to the votes that they have cast, not their words.

    There are plenty of Democrats who do not have a long voting record of voting against gays at every opportunity.

  • Same Crap

    oh this guy is such a boob.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Sharpton is pimping him out for Haiti relief on Fox. “Bros before Hos” Democrat campaigning all over again! The Democrats are on thin ice. VERY THIN ICE! They will be punished by the queers in the Democratic Primary!

    BTW – The fact that this is viewed denotes that the Bloomberg Machine has a “War Room” to buy Gays. Glid and Stonewall Democrats are easy Democrat whores but Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club won’t fall for it!


    “Look at the Angry Fags!”

    Click! Click!

  • Same Crap

    Lulz @ 4. You want to relive the primary wars, don’t you? Ford will lose because is as dumb as he is ambitious.

  • opl

    ooohh, I wouldn’t mind playing in the closet with him for a bit. He sure is pretty, no?

  • Mike L

    Well aside from the fact that he’s nice to look at, I personally wouldn’t vote for him if he would campaign in my state after that flipflop with his history of anti lgbt equal rights votes.

  • Tom

    Great, Harold. Tell you what. Why don’t you take this epiphany back to TN and push for Civil Unions legislation? That’d be a start.

  • ousslander

    @opl:he does have montgamery burns sex appeal,

    @dontblamemeivotedforhillary: I beieve it when i see it. The majority of gays will vote for him if he gets the nom.

  • Blake B.

    New Yorkers need to do EVERYTHING within their power to expose how corrupt, fake, and shady this character is. LGBT New Yorkers owe it to themselves to be active in this one, no matter how much speaking it takes.

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