matter of speaking

Does Having a High Voice Make Life Even Harder For Gay Dudes?

Yeah yeah, so Glee‘s Chris Colfer joked that he made Bea Arthur die. But what more notable about this interview is that Colfer’s high voice was discussed. This. is. interesting!

Watching the show, Colfer’s pitch is evident after a single line of dialogue or song. But it’s one of those things that — like his sexuality, apparently — goes undiscussed. Not when Conan O’Brien has a chance to open that door.

Puberty does unfortunate things to our voices, but some men just never develop the baritone speech of their fathers. Indeed, some of these young men turn out to be homosexuals! And for the rest of their lives, when they pick up the phone, the telemarketer asks to speak to the head of the household. Ouch. That can have a disfiguring effect on your psyche, especially when combined with all the other social cues to act more masculine.

Which makes us wonder: For those of you out there with high speaking voices, has it negatively impacted you in life? Are you immediately dubbed gay, even if you’re the most masculine looking jock on the block? Pick an anecdote and share!