Does It Matter That Rep. Patrick Murphy Is a Married Heterosexual?

It is indeed worth mentioning, in news reports about repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, that Iraq veteran Rep. Patrick Murphy is married (to a woman) because it highlights one right this heterosexual lawmaker enjoys that the community of people he’s fighting for (the gays) do not — and subtly notes he was not among those who had to hide his sexuality while serving in the armed forces. The same way it’s worth pointing out, when reporting on taxes, which tax bracket a lawmaker falls in; or, when reporting on health care reform, pointing out the health care package a lawmaker enjoys. It’s about disclosure, and we’re quite supportive of it.

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  • Trevor

    It shouldn’t matter, but it does.

    He’s not only a married hetero breeder, he has been a deployed veteran, and he has taught law at USMA West Point. And, his experience has been compartively recent when you look at the age and experience of most of the dinosaurs who have been making testimony.

    I think his credentials strengthen his credibility on the subject.

    He is more likely to sway hedging legislators than someone like Dianne Feinstein, who many lawmakers would dismiss as a left coast liberal. Yes, I know she is in the Senate, not the House of Representatives.

    The fact that he has attracted as many co-sponsors as he has speaks to his effectiveness.

    I am proud of him, and grateful for his courage and leadership.

  • Phil

    @Trevor: He’s handsome, too.

  • rainfish2000

    Don’t forget another unsung hero for GLBT equality, in regard to DADT, Rep. Jim Moran, one of the, uh hem, “dinosaurs” in Congress about whom somebody made reference — but one who is on our side, i.e., the correct side of History. And he is from gay-bashing Virginia of all places. What a great guy!


    Moran Statement on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Senate Hearing

    Washington, D.C., February 2, 2010– Congressman Jim Moran released the following statement today regarding the Senate hearing on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

    “I applaud Chairman Levin for convening today’s historic hearing on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — the first public vetting of the policy in 17 years. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is an irresponsible, expensive and utterly un-American policy that discriminates against those who choose to serve and defend their country.

    “While it’s important to get the roll-back process right, it is critical to get it done in a timely manner. Careers hang in the balance. A long, drawn out process will simply provide more opportunity for obstruction and breed uncertainty within the ranks. I have confidence that Secretary Gates and the military leadership can and will carry out the President’s directive without detriment to the force.

    “The reality is that America is engaged in two high stakes wars. We simply can’t afford to lose professional soldiers for reasons unrelated to their ability to carry out the mission. Its time to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”


  • jason

    I find that some heterosexual men are better advocates of gay rights than gay men. The men leading many of our gay advocacy organizations are either too pampered, too political or too timid. A lot of them also do not do their homework before going on TV. They assume they can wing it.

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