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Does Jesus Upset You? Are You A YouTube-Watching Crybaby? Are You A Scantily Clad IHOP Waiter?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  

“It doesn’t bother me at all. I know many Christians and churches that are fully supportive AND inclusive of gays and lesbians. They support full equality and defend gay rights. Not all Christians are alike, just like not all gays are alike. Personally, I don’t want to slam anyone for their own beliefs, even if I disagree with them (or they disagree with me). I want equal rights and protections for all, regardless of their faith or sexual orientation. So, there’s nothing wrong with this advertisement. Free speech. If the kids grow up to be “haters” I obviously don’t desire that. But, I know many people who grew up in conservative homes and they turned out OK, went liberal or even are gay. I only fear that some in the religious community (even non-religious) create environments that lead to self-hatred amongst LGBT youth. That I don’t support. But, back to the topic… it’s a free country and if I want people to respect MY freedoms I’d better offer the same in return.”

CJ don’t care ’bout no jesus commercial in Focus On The Family Trots Out Bible-Quoting Brats In New Playoff Ad


“I think it’s the ‘Y’ in James that gives him away.”

Marie Cohn‘s dog even knew he was gay in  A Chippendales Dancer Reveals He’s—Gasp—Gay!


“I’ll add a comment as soon as I stop crying.”

Chad needs a tissue in WATCH: Second Class Citizens Could Be The Most Important Documentary Ever About The LGBT Community


“Oh and now I know what NSFW means… got caught watching by my boss… he laughed it off and said never again… whew.”

dsp will be sending out resumes starting next week in Porn Star-Singer Jessy Ares Strips Down On The Streets Of San Francisco


“If he didn’t want his photograph to end up on gay websites, he obviously shouldn’t leave the house dressed like that.”

Michael is concerned the IHOP uniform is akin to burlesque in Is This Blonde Hunk With Bulging Biceps The Sexiest IHOP Waiter Ever?

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