Does Jim West Ever IM Clay Aiken?

Jim West

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Spokane’s gay mayor, oops, we mean Spokane’s recalled gay mayor, Jim West. But he’s back in the papers and for once, it’s actually good news. The FBI will not be filing criminal charges against him.

So what’s West going to do now that he has more free time on his hands?

Mr. West is unemployed and said he was looking for work in the Spokane area. He did not rule out another bid for public office, and said he was talking with a radio station about a talk show.

Of course! A talk show is the next logical route for someone just coming out of a political sex scandal. We think if West is as kinky as we think he is, he could turn out to be the gay Howard Stern. He’d give us interviews with male strippers, celebrities, and sex talk. More importantly, West could give his online boy toys internships at the radio station and this time it would actually be appropriate.

Yes, Chatting with Jim West could be a big hit.

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