Does Kellan Lutz Want Gay Fans Or Not?


Initially, we thought Twilight‘s ginormous Kellan Lutz was purposefully catering to his gay fanbase. After all, he pulled the above paparazzi stunt, holding hands with co-star Peter Facinelli (as a gag on all the coverage co-stars and romancers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart receive). But on Ellen yesterday, after revealing he shared a naked spa bath with an over-eager male fan, he let us down in a big, 6-pack way.

With Ellen promising a $5k check to the Humane Society if Lutz took his shirt off, he refused. (We’re imaging his publicity team is tired of him only being treated as a piece of meat, and not a serious actor.) Instead he did some push-ups for the cash.

Let. Down.

Now Kellan, it doesn’t take much to get the gays to fawn over you. As we’ve shown before, a simple gym workout will do. But when the lesbian lady asks you nicely to disrobe? You give in.