Does Maddow’s Show Confirm Olbermann’s Pulling MSNBC Strings?

Liberal lesbian Rachel Maddow just went and scored herself her own MSNBC show, which was some time in the making. Officially, NBC says Rachel’s debut on Sept. 8, or 09/08/08, is the “final leg of the political race this year.”

Unofficially, though? On 09/08/08, a one Keith Olbermann will mark his nearly complete takeover of the network. Yes, Olbermann might as well hold Phil Griffin’s title as MSNBC chief, since, according to knowledgeable sources and all outside appearances, he’s making the calls.

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  • mark

    I don’t know how much clout Keith has or uses, but his ratings demonstrate sucess, and getting his suggestions for other shows, is probably sought out by Abrams…who is in power at programing at MSNBC.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Keith Olbermann affiliation notwithstanding Rachel Maddow has repeatedly proven that she is brilliant and funny and more than qualified to handle any hosting job. I say more power to her and look forward to tuning in when she is on the air.

  • Charley

    What’s not to like about either one, but if given a choice I would rather watch Rachel. She is more appealing to look at. Fashion tip: He could shave his head, grow a beard and wear different glasses. Take a fahion tip from the financial guru’s on CNBC. Some of them are middleaged, but trendy and hot. Except Kudlow. He probably wears Mormon magic undergarments.

  • rick

    all the pissing moaning and whining along any claims that keith is running the show are probably being made by a disgruntled former employee of the time slot rachel is taking, the one and only joe scarborogh.

  • Robert Lewis

    Keith Olbermann: the overdue New York State Tax Warrant, Chinese American Trading Company the buyers of his real estate, the corporation

    Keith Olbermann: the address from 2001 of his, the parents of Katy Tur and the civil actions

  • Martymartymarty

    I would think it is more a response to the ratings that continued to stay high while Rachel guest hosted Keith’s show while he was on vacation (several times this year) and the consistently not-so-high ratings that Dan Abrams Verdict continued to have, and not anything to do with Keith running the network or exercising some sort of diva clout.

    That said, I think Dan Abrams is way more hot than Keith – not that that has anything to do with anything. ;)

  • dan patrick

    hey keith come back to sports, we need fresh input and besides your political days arent that great, lol

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