Does MD Senator Barbara Mikulski Support DOMA Repeal Because She’s A Big Lez?

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski recently announced on Twitter she will co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Bil Browning of The Bilerico Project notes, “with Maryland gearing up for a state-wide effort to gain marriage equality, she hasn’t endorsed marriage in her own state. So, technically, she’s one of those politicians who’s not for marriage, just anti-DOMA.” He also mentions that the never-married Mikulski might be a big ol’ lesbian—Michael Signorile certainly thinks so too be. That means Tammy Baldwin, wouldn’t be the first lesbian Congresswoman after all, just the first “openly lesbian” one.

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  • Mike


  • Afro Boricua

    Barb is one troll and most people in Baltimore know she’s a downlow bulldiker.

  • Pitou

    These are the types of people who should be expected to come out, or better yet.. outed. Especially if they’re anti-gay or mum on LGBT issues.

    If your part of State or Federal legislation, you’re free game to all who seek to out you for being Gay. It’s 2011 going on 2012. Get with the times.

  • till the world ends

    would you call her a lez if she had agreed to not repeal it? gees some people can’t win! She is for us and we are still bashing her!

  • the crustybastard

    Did MD Senator Barbara Mikulski support DOMA because she’s an ignorant hypocrite and a giant motherfucking asshole?

  • Jase

    This site thinks everybody is gay

  • just sayin

    Way to encourage people to support our side Queerty.

  • Mike

    These are hardly new rumors, hasn’t Barbara Mikulski been called a lesbian for years? And without the prompting of not supporting gay marriage?

  • Mike in Asheville

    Ummm, you couldn’t be bothered to find out how this politician voted when DOMA was brought to the Senate floor in 1996?


    FUCKING POLITICIANS, always only for themselves.

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