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  • gregger

    This came out the Monday after the marriage equality vote. In other words, old news…

  • Hyhybt

    Exactly the right way to handle things: if your conscience does not allow you to perform your job, quit and seek employment elsewhere. And good luck on finding it.

  • David

    It’s no different than a cashier quitting because s/he doesn’t want to wait on gay people, or blacks, or…I’m sure God will provide for her. After all, He pays all of my bills.

  • Scott Gatz

    @gregger: Gregger, I think the article was referring to the link within. Today a town clerk resigned over having to perform his duties.

  • Dallas David

    I can’t tell if the word “homosexuals” in the sign the guy’s holding in the picture is the possessive form of the word or not.

  • RomanHans

    > Today a town clerk resigned over having to perform his duties.

    It was a woman, and it sounds better if you say she resigned because she wasn’t going to be able to pick and choose who was entitled to basic human rights.

  • Sans Bitch

    THE REAL NEWS HERE is that the “religious exceptions” in the New York Marriage Equality Law is “A POISON PILL PROVISION”, i.e., if some court strikes down the religious exceptions in the law, THE ENTIRE LAW DIES. So, who do you think is going to be the first ahole to file a lawsuit saying that the religious exceptions in New York’s Marriage Equality Law are unconstitutional? AND, who has any doubt whatsoever that the person to do will more likely than not be some “SELF-APPOINTED NEW WAVE GAY ACTIVIST”?

    New York Marriage Equality accomplishes two major things:

    1. It provides a big venue for the handful of people who want to be “gay married” to gay marry so that, hopefully, they can now shut the fuck up and EVOLUTION CAN RESUME. AND,

    2. Cuomo decidedly DID NOT have one f-king Gay Activist on his stage when he claimed CREDIT for bringing Marriage Equality to New York. You have to wonder what all of these marriage equality .org girls are now going to do for a living.

  • Hyhybt

    An apt choice of last name.

  • mandingo4u

    who even believes in demons nowadays???


  • McGullen

    @Scott Gatz: Good riddance.


    If you are incapable of doing your job, you must resign. This is very simple.

  • ewe

    Is this more responses to people who are being “gender creative.” Maybe they are having trouble raising their own rainbows too.

  • Patsy Stoned

    If these people asked each het couple if either was divorced (SINNER) or ever fornicated before marriage (SINNER) and refused to give THEM a license I would buy their bullshit. But they clearly only choose to discriminate when it comes to gays, not the other SINNERS. So they can take their “bible believing” bullshit and cram it. And enjoy unemployment while they are at it.

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