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Does Oprah Really Care if Rosie Calls Her Gay?


Oprah, supposedly, is furious Rosie O’Donnell is making jokes about her being gay! With Gayle King! The Big O has already dealt with those gay rumors, and tried to shoot them down, and then here comes that lesbian lady who had all the things Oprah still does: a television talk show, a magazine, a loyal following.

But it’s hard to believe Oprah still cares all that much about anyone calling her gay. After all, she’s been macking it with a different lesbian talk show host. Then again, Rosie’s Oprah-is-gay shtick sounds more personal feud than sexuality beef.

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  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oprah is asexual despite the ‘ManBag’ Steadman and Rosie is probably fueled by the hypocrisy of so many affluent African-Americans who “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” on who is Gay and not in church, the music industry, Hollywood more than their white counterparts while thousands of young black gays are beaten, recklessly unsafe and often suicidal. Rosie’s anger stems from the Black Political Apparatus which works against Gay Civil Rights in lockstep with the Religious Rapture Right. It’s misplaced anger on Rosie’s part and probably exemplifies the largest schism in the Gay movement since Stonewall. Oprah and Gayle are just 2 awkwardly straight girls who are afraid to get laid given AIDS, aging and the obvious African-American Men’s crisis in America. Many powerful and/or ambitious people set their sights too high and come up empty-handed with limited dating pools and more tenacity required than their professional schedules will allow. Not every one will get a Barack Obama or Portia De Rossi, for that matter! Or Brad Pitt! So, get over it!

  • Sebs

    totatlly agree with rosie

    oprah come out already!!!

  • Brian (The Original)

    I knew Gayle King 10 years ago. She had an Indian husband, but was NOT a big fan of Curry. You figure it out.

  • coochie

    Dr. Oz is gay, oh wait a minute, he has a family … but I was sure he was the same man I sucked off in that NYC hotel a few months ago.

    Ok, I’m lying, but still, his show is horrendous…never attacking the root sources of illness : multi national corporate holds on nutrition and food supply, toxic chemicals in households and communities which cause cancer.

    Anyway, Gayle is cool.

  • scotty

    Rosie just needs to join the ranks of Kathy Griffin and just go away. They are nothing but hate mongers and will do anything to tear a person down, even use the techniques they themselves were once victims of.
    I am not a fan of oprah, but in this case she is 100 times classier than angry bull dyke rosie
    and fyi rosie – NOT ALL HOMOSEXUALS LIKE YOU. some of us think you hurt our stature in society like that other evil homo perez
    u, perez, and kathy – please do the world a favor and just go away. live ur lives OUT of the public eye. we have had too much of you already

  • Attmay

    Rosie is on my Top 5 list of Gay People I Wish Weren’t Gay, between Perez Hilton and Tom Cruise.

  • just


    Uhhh… what planet do you live on? Kathy G is more famous than ever! Kathy is not a hate monger.

    You’re just a queen with no sense of humour.

  • me

    the more important question: why are all the successful (and formerly successful) tv talkstresses gay?

  • Cam

    Comment number one said that Oprah was “Asexual”. That was the same label that was given to all the closeted kids in my high-School who didn’t date. The ones that all became VERY sexual gay guys later on. Oprah never does anything publiclly with Steadman, always with Gayle. And it is known that often times a publicist will try to link up a gay and lesbian client of theirs to try to halt rumors…what did we just hear? That Oprah and Gayle were in some triangle with Tyler Perry who has LONG been rumored to be gay. ……..

    My ONLY problem with this story is that it’s Rosie outing her. Rosie needs to get off her High horse after all of her years pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise, pretending to be a single parent raising children when she had a wife at home doing most of the work etc… if Oprah IS gay at least she isn’t out there pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise you hypocrite.

  • Brian

    I doubt Oprah is gay. She’s been with Stedman for nearly a quarter century. And prior to Steadman Oprah lived with a guy for 5 month in Chicago who claimed they did cocain & he tried to sue her for allegedly blocking a tell all book. Oprah also was with a married man in Baltimore that she tried to kill herself over & there was another guy in Baltimore she did cocain with & there was Loyd Kramer (a white guy Oprah briefly dated). It’s also known that Oprah dated Bubba Taylor in college (got him a job at the radio station where she worked) & Anthoney Oatey in high school. And Oprah was also a promiscuous teen who had a baby at 14. And Gayle’s been married with 2 kids. It’s possible both women are secretly gay but it’s far more likely that Rosie just can’t tell the difference between intimate female bonding & lesbian love. I also suspect Rosie is jealous of whatever type of relationship Oprah & Gayle have & may even be attracted to one or both of them.

  • Brian

    I should also add that the rumours that Oprah were gay only started when she played the therapist on Ellen’s controversial coming out show in the late 1990s. Prior to that there was never a single rumour Oprah was gay even though she had been in the tabloids every week since the 1980s. People just think that since Ellen & Rosue are gay, Oprah must be gay too which is pretty absurd logic. Only 10% of the population is gay, so what makes people think that 100% of female talk show icons are gay?

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