Does Palin Back Gay “Cure”?

Alaska Governor and potential vice-president Sarah Palin’s religious bellicosity may be scarier than we thought.

In addition to featuring a preacher who claims President Bush’s critics will head to hell, Palin’s church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, has close ties with Love Won Out, an ex-gay organization claim gays can be cured through Jesus Christ.

From Time:

“We like to call this the Bible Belt of Alaska,” says Cheryl Metiva, head of the local chamber of commerce. Churches proliferate in Wasilla today, and among the largest and most influential is the Wasilla Bible Church, where the Palins worship.

At the 11:15 a.m. Sunday service, hundreds sit in folding chairs, listening to a 20-minute sermon about the Book of Malachi and singing along to alt-rock praise songs. The only sign of culture warring in the whole production is an insert in the day’s program advertising an upcoming Focus on the Family conference on homosexuality in Anchorage called Love Won Out. The group promises to teach attendees how to “respond to misinformation in our culture” and help them “overcome” homosexuality.

We’ve just put a call into the McCain campaign asking two questions: One, does Governor Palin believe homosexuality can be “overcome” through religion? And, two, does Palin believe homosexuality’s innate, as in you’re born gay, or a choice?

We’ll keep you posted if they actually get back to us. You know how moody McCain can be with the press!

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  • John

    I thought we had hit bottom with Dan Quayle. Keep speaking up, or we might wind up in those camps like what happened in Germany in the 1930s and 40s.

  • Tim

    Going to be some interesting debates! But, I predict a Palin meltdown before then.

  • DairyQueen

    RIGHT ON! Thanks Queerty for looking into this. This would be major set back for those idiots Log Cabins. I wonder how they are going to react to that their potential VP/ President.

  • emb

    Thanks for keeping up the questioning. I think it’s amusing that the mccain campaign now seems to think that ALL questions about palin are out of bounds. Apparently we’re only supposed to ask questions that can be answered noun-verb-P.O.W.

  • Emily

    Kudos to Queery for actually bothering to ask these kinds of questions. I hope you keep at it, even though I doubt very much that you’ll ever get a straight (pardon the pun) answer out of the McCain/Palin campaign.

  • Emily

    And kudos to me for typos! That should be “Kudos to Queerty” – obviously. :P

  • Timothy


    1. The Wasilla Bible Church is not the Wasilla Assemblies of God Church.

    2. Neither church seems to have “close ties” to Love Won Out. The Bible Church did, however, announce a coming conference which was located at another church.

    3. The fact that the Bible Church announced the conference is not an indication that Palin supports LWO or believes their religious or political positions.

    All you have here is speculation and insinuation, and a tangential insinuation at that. Frankly, we just don’t know what Palin believes about reorientation and the only point of this type of guessing is to slur.

    C’mon guys. Do you want to be a news source or a Party advocate? You’re having trouble being both.

  • RyanInSacto

    @Timothy: That reporting was from Time. Therefore, I think your beef is with them, not Queerty.

  • Tom

    Timothy’s response is a typical republican tactic to attack the messenger. 8 years of that bullsh*t is quite enough, thank you very much.

  • John

    If its not true why won’t they answer Queerty’s questions?


    What’s that foul smell coming out of the DNC headquarters?

    Obamatron diapers full of shit that’s what!

    Obama just lost the election.

    The next Vice President of the United States Sarah Barracuda ’08

  • David

    Regardless of whether or not she and McCain emerge victorious in this election, this woman has set herself up as the new face of the Republican party. We’re going to need to look beyond 2008 and really figure her out because after just watching her speech, she definitely has some fire and is going to be a significant force in politics for some time to come.

  • Marco Channing

    I am terrified. What country is this? She makes Jesse Helms look conservative. She’s a corrupt, hypocritical, religious extremist.

    And people are overlooking this all because she didn’t abort her baby and talks sh*t about people?


  • Mr C

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  • porsha

    Hey, has anyone ever tried to ‘cure’ hetrosexuality? So, when did you ‘decide’ to be ‘straight’? Hats off to you Queerty, and I look forward to learning what response you receive, if any!

  • AJ

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Many fundamentalist Christians seem to regard this as a minor technicality. Her speech dripped with sarcasm and was replete with lies, fabrications, misconceptions and distortions. A perfect exemplar of religious hypocrisy. Hopefully Hillary will craft an appropriate response.


    Hillary is not the nominee and she is not the vp, even if she were to respond to her it would be of no relevance AJ. You have the Obamatrons and their leader to thank for that. Good luck.

  • CondeNasty

    I have a feeling she is going to have to “back out for personal reasons” if the scrutiny keeps up. However, my southern family loves her. 1. Deeply religious despite family problems 2. NRA card carrying member 3. Feminine. She does pose a serious threat.

  • M Shane

    One theory behind this notion of curing homosexuality I think is promoted by manipulative women who can’t bear the idea that their traditional trumpcard will not work with all men. How disempowering!

  • Mr C

    I really wonder if this Churchill-Y Bitch would have the nerve to state all of her racist views in person????? probably not.

    But Hillary isn’t like you fag. She will fight for the party and 2012 is coming so if McInsane/Stalin wins. You best believe it will be a pussy-vs-pussy fight. Then you can return to the Dems because a WHITE person will be back at the helm.


  • D. Oorst

    Ugh. Pray away the gay. Yeah, not sure that works lady…. Or for that matter could I see why it’d be a good idea even if it is.


    Hope you American folks make the right choice in November. The rest of us outside of america can’t vote, but your choice affects us too.


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