Does Pat Robertson Think He Can Atone For A Life Of Hate With One Anti-Bullying Message?

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It’s rare that we’d name someone Douche of the Week for saying the right thing, but when Pat Robertson says it’s wrong for Christians to bully LGBT kids it’s beyond galling.

During an episode of The 700 Club (yep, that shit is still on), Robertson was asked by a viewer: “What would you say to a school that has gay and LGBT students being bullied by the Christian kids?”

“Well I think that’s terrible. Christians shouldn’t do that—I mean lesbian, gay, transgender… Christians shouldn’t do that. They ought to act in love,” responded Robertson. “You may disagree, you may think these practices are an abomination, you can think all sorts of things, but you need to love, and reach out to these kids in love.” Co-host Terry Meeuwsen replied: “Absolutely. Bullying is wrong,  period.”

Has Robertson gone senile? How else can you explain how he’s completely forgotten all the times bullied the gay community? Like when he and Jerry Falwell blamed the queers for 9/11.

Or the times he’s “counseled” gays and ex-gays on his show—like when he compared homosexuality to demonic possession.

All together now: What a douche!