Does Pat Robertson Think He Can Atone For A Life Of Hate With One Anti-Bullying Message?

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It’s rare that we’d name someone Douche of the Week for saying the right thing, but when Pat Robertson says it’s wrong for Christians to bully LGBT kids it’s beyond galling.

During an episode of The 700 Club (yep, that shit is still on), Robertson was asked by a viewer: “What would you say to a school that has gay and LGBT students being bullied by the Christian kids?”

“Well I think that’s terrible. Christians shouldn’t do that—I mean lesbian, gay, transgender… Christians shouldn’t do that. They ought to act in love,” responded Robertson. “You may disagree, you may think these practices are an abomination, you can think all sorts of things, but you need to love, and reach out to these kids in love.” Co-host Terry Meeuwsen replied: “Absolutely. Bullying is wrong,  period.”

Has Robertson gone senile? How else can you explain how he’s completely forgotten all the times bullied the gay community? Like when he and Jerry Falwell blamed the queers for 9/11.

Or the times he’s “counseled” gays and ex-gays on his show—like when he compared homosexuality to demonic possession.

All together now: What a douche!

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  • Hmmmmm

    He may come around — now that he is as old as dirt. He may be feeling the fires of Hell lapping at his old wrinkled, shriveled balls. Besides, he probably doesn’t fancy the idea of keeping company for all eternity with that blubbery, bombastic, blowhard, Jerry Falwell.

  • drewa24

    I attempted to post a comment here that would resonate with the gay community. Queerty chose to protect Pat Robertsons image and agenda.

  • Michael

    Have a heart attack already. “Bullying is wrong to do to a group of abominations…”

  • Alexi3

    Robertson’s expressed views have changed several times over his long association with and leadership of “The 700 Club”. During the early to late 1970’s his teaching was that of your average fundamentalist, literalist, Bible-believing Christian. I see nothing wrong with someone, who owns a network, teaching their views on theology. From what I can tell things started to go off the tracks, when like Jerry Falwell, he fell under the spell of Ronald Reagan’s promises of political power if the Christian Right supported him in his bid for the White House. As any student of history knows, and certainly Robertson should have known, power corrupts. Despite Reagan’s promises he never handed any real power over to the Moral Majority (Falwell’s invention) but he used them and strung them along. Up until the 1980 election fundamentalist leaders had steered clear of publically supporting a particular Political Party as they wisely saw the danger, from a theological point of view, of trying to equate service to God with service to a political party. Remember: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s”. Robertson and Falwell, along with other’s, forgot this injuction and decided to merge the two; that is they came to view service to God and service to the Republican Party as one and the same thing. The most dreadful and damaging effect of this new phylosophy came to fruition when AIDS struck and Robertson and Falwell went on record claiming AIDS was God’s judgement and along with the hate monger par excellance Pat Buchanan supported the Reagan Administration’s dismal response to the growing epidemic. Finally, some years before he died Falwell came to realize that he had been duped by the Reagan and Bush Administrations; that his merging of politics and religion had been an error and along with Robertson began his phylosophic/theologic disentanglement of religion and politics. Falwell died before this was fully accomplished and firmly stated. It seems to me that Robertson’s views have become considerably less reactionary, but, if any of you are waiting to hear Pat Robertson proclaim that homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent ways of living in the sight of God; this is something he will never say. But it is evident that he has come along way in his thinking; from claiming AIDS is God’s punishment to calling for an end to gay bullying is a long way indeed and in many ways he has come full circle and is once more focusing on God’s Love as he was in the begining of his ministry and I, for one, welcome his call for those Christians who listen to his pronouncements (and don’t kid yourself, there are millions) to have nothing to do with the bullying and harrassment of GLBT kids. If this prevents just one suicide it has done a great deal. Has Mr. Robertson harmed us in the past? Yes, he has. Are his comments, such as they were, helpful and a step in the right direction? Yes, they were and I thank him for publically stating them. He could have refused to answer the questions or worse he could have justified the actions of bullys as many have done, saying that GLBT people bring it on themselves or claiming “Gay Fright” He has condemned the actions and told his followers that such actions are incompatable with Christ’s Love.

  • cam

    Here’s an idea Pat. Stop telling your flock to “Reach out to them in Love”.

    Because your flock’s idea on how to do that is basically to be bigots, discrminate and attack them.

  • randy

    Yes, I can certainly imagine that some follower of 700 club has a child who is beating up a lonely gay kid at school and thinks that’s fine and dandy. Then she sees this show and says to herself, Pat’s right. My son shouldn’t beat the crap out of that abomination devil worshipper.

    So she tells her son that Pat Robertson says to lay off the bullying. Her son, being the proper young Christian, follows his mother’s instructions. From that point on, he never touches or taunts the poor gay kid. Instead, he invites the gay kid over for milk and cookies and a little harsh, but thorougly loving, words from the Bible about gay sex.

    Yes, I can certainly see that happening. Thanks Pat!

  • Chris

    These people live in a fantasy where all gay people are depraved sex-addicts who deserve to be hurt but at the same time can be made into (heterosexual) saints by a 30 second prayer. Pat’s of course against bullying–that’s what strong, mean kids do to weak, shy kids. But he’s also in favor of having bad people (gays) be punished and of having sinful but redeemable people (gay kids) be redeemed (turned straight) at which point they won’t deserve to be bullied anymore.

    So long as you don’t mix in little things like biology, psychology, and ethics it all makes sense.

  • Pat Duffy

    It’s the “christian” thing to do; do something horrible and then ask Himself for Forgiveness and “POOF!”, all taken care of. you don’t even have to try to heal what you tortured….
    JCI-free since 1976

  • E

    The man is a rancid old fraud. He can reach out with love to my throbbing wang.

  • ErikInVA

    Hasn’t Robertson been going senile? His ideals change with the weather and his credibility is questionable, at best. He really needs to get off the air. I had great pleasure, with a large group of other gay peers, seeing him at a restaurant and flaunting our lifestyle. Needless to say, he didn’t remain at the restaurant long. It was a small victory I, and all of the others in company, gladly claim. I feel that marijuana has as much of a chance being legalized due to his opinion as other fanatics are to end bullying. I like that the fact that he said it, but it couldn’t be more hypocritical coming from him.

  • Shannon1981

    Douche of the Week? Pat should be Douche of the Century, considering all the virtiol he has spewed at us over the years from his throne of so called righteousness over at the 700 Club.

    No forgiveness here. One good act does not wash the blood from his wretched, wrinkled old hands.

  • James

    Christians should not bully the LGBT community: Pat reserves that right to himself.

  • Shannon1981

    As a side note, the man is senile as hell. Why is he still on TV?

  • tjport1980

    The time for Pat to live with his God is long past due. His Hate and Bigotry have gone on long enough and One good deed does not undo Hundreds.

  • Joe Semon

    When religion become a business and you have sycophants and weak people that need you for their financial and moral support, one that is endeared as the leader must strike the drum to the rhythm that his/her followers expect.

    Sure Pat is a prick and leader of a foul flock but I don’t believe it is too late for him to atone to his radical and less than brotherly love ideology.

    While I am uncertain as to wether or not Pat made it to the first pages of Hustle Magazine as did Jerry Falwell did, he did deserve honorable mention in those pages.

    Let’s give him a try to do an anti-bully message; it just might help one child if none at all and that is worth the effort.

  • Shannon1981

    @Joe Semon: He, like so many televangelist types, deserves no credit for anything. You think that little diatribe makes up for his lifetime of abuses, and getting insanely rich off the backs of desperate, gullible people? Fuck no. He is a terrible person.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Shannon1981–how’d you do it?

  • 1equalityUSA

    How’d you know what Christ is going to say to this F–Ktard when he finally gives up the ghost?

  • Shannon1981

    @1equalityUSA: Oh, you mean what any loving entity would say? Easy. I am an atheist, but I have common sense and morals. I don’t believe there are any pearly gates and judgment days, and if there’s a hell, this is it LOL. And to me, people like this old coot prove we’ve already made it to hell.

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    Yes, he does. Jack Abramhof taught him that, along with William Lane Craig, the FOF, FOC, Christian Coalition, the list goes on. This is the new “apologetic” meme, where homo hating culture warriors try to divide us yet again, like the Zimmerman and other recent exposures of racist constructs have exposed them of their true racist goals. Their just in the feelers out stage, but it’s out there, and Mr. Abramhof kicked it off this time around. As long as enough straight and dummy queer “democrats” walk around talking about “well, I know a republican, he’s not that just bad, he’s just wrong about stuff”, then they can get shifty in the back room Clinton style.

    It has zero to do with LGBT’s, and the fact we don’t enjoy full rights. Of course it can’t since we weren’t consulted (well excluding ex-gays, natch.). The “deescalating culture war” gambit is such a bunch of social engineering, I can’t wait for Illuminati theorist heads to explode trying to explain the irony from their places of privilege. If Mittens gets to job, Mitwerld is gonna be the last of this show, for sure. If he doesn’t, Mr. Obama would like to take a bow for “working with the opposition” (working diligently with the likes of Mr. Robertscum until he could plant cloaked agitprop in a vid like the one here), thus ultimately demonstrating how soft headed the center is politically. MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEhhhhhhh.

  • Alexi3

    Why so many comments about his age? Nasty comments about his age. What has age to do with it and why is it a negative? Does anyone on this post seriously believe they will be young forever or even for very long? If you do, I feel very sorry for you; for you are in for a very rude awakening and it won’t take long, my pretty, it won’t take long at all. If you have something intelligent to say then say it but don’t diminish your point by snide remarks that only go to underscore your own prejudices. The very thing for which you are attacking him. Can’t you see the irony?

  • Mk_Ultra_Again

    It’s hard to take a stand for bullying children and not come off as a douche. This is where Robertson understands PR. Of course some organizations do encourage bullying, but you can almost guarantee they are being paid big bucks to be as extremist as possible. You know, selling your soul for money and material wealth….so anti-biblical!

  • TheMarc

    I think if anyone believes this was Pat Robertson’s attempt to placate, appease or apologize to the gay community in any way, you are sorely mistaken. This ultimately amounts to “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” Out of the many hateful and simply inaccurate and bigoted things that he has said, he finally said one good/right thing. So does he deserve to be attacked for it? No. Does it wash away all that he has said and done over his career that has negatively impacted the gay community? Not by a long shot.

    So Douche of the Week? No. Douche? Absolutely. I think a nod of the head is in order; but not a hand shake. Personally, I would thank him for his statement; without attacking him for his past. But, I am certainly not advocating we forget all he has done.

  • J

    Queerty,I have many nominees:

    Among them:

    Brad Pitt
    Mark Wahlberg
    Charlize Theron
    Adam Levine
    Bruce Springsteen

    I may come back later for more!

  • Justa Guy

    Seriously, I don’t give a flying f*ck what this @sswh!pe has to say. UGGG

  • B

    No. 21 · Alexi3 wrote, “Why so many comments about his age? Nasty comments about his age. What has age to do with it and why is it a negative? Does anyone on this post seriously believe they will be young forever or even for very long?”

    In Robertson’s case, blaming his behavior on age-related issues – senility or dementia – is about the nicest thing you can say about him. At least it gives him a medically believable excuse for the hateful and rather idiotic things he spouts all too regularly. You know, like blaming gays for earthquakes:

  • JayUVA

    A con-artist with a bible in one hand and a collection bucket in the other hand is still a con-artist.

  • B

    No. 27 · JayUVA wrote, “A con-artist with a bible in one hand and a collection bucket in the other hand is still a con-artist.”

    Not an appropriate description – Robertson has a good marketing / fund-raising department that puts your typical con-artist to shame.

  • Jason

    @E: Hence “Patting the Robertson”

  • Queer Supremacist

    Can we do something to get this heretic scumbag to Hell any faster? He’s not changing his position, just his tactics.

    Until Christianity is no longer socially acceptable or even permissible in this country, nothing will change.
    Until these persecutors are persecuted as just retribution for their persecution, nothing will change.
    Until the state makes it legal for minorities to kill bigots in self-defense for uttering hate speech, nothing will change.
    Until the Pat Robertsons of the world are tried, convicted and executed for their millennia of war crimes against us, nothing will change.
    Until every breeder is watching what they say for fear of their lives lest they offend one of us, nothing will change.
    Until we gays hold all the power and wealth at every level in this country, in both the public and private sectors, nothing will change.

  • Truth is not White.

    gay white men tend to indulge in more racial bullying than any other group. Christians while believing that homosexuality is a sin usually reach out to gay people with love but gays tend to react to gay men of colour with revulsion and to christians with hate

  • Gerry Kelly

    Pat Robertson probably doesn’t want to go to HEAVEN since he would have to hobnob with to many GAYS there…..So let him burn in HELL FIRE! UGH!

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