Does Rick Perry Think It’s OK For Texas Prisoners To Be Raped?

Just how dangerous are Texas prisons? Well, according to a recent government report, prisons in the Lone Star State have the highest rate of sexual abuse than any other state.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is a national effort that seeks to address this crisis by doing the following:

  • Developing standards for detention, prevention, reduction, and punishment of prison rape.
  • Collecting and disseminating information when a prison rape occurs
  • Awarding grants and technical assistant to help state government implement the Act.

The law’s ultimate goal is to eliminate sexual assault behind bars altogether. But there’s a problem. Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn’t want to support it, claiming getting prisoners and prison officials to comply would be “impossible” and saying his state doesn’t need the standards anyway, that the system it has in place is just fine, despite alarming evidence to the contrary.

Just Detention, a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse behind bars, released a statement criticizing Perry for his lack of cooperation with the law.

“Governor Perry has touted the effectiveness of the state’s ‘Safe Prisons Program,’” the organization said. “But inmates themselves tell a different story. Recently, a Texas prisoner — one of countless inmates from the state who have written to JDI — said, ‘It takes about six months for your case to be processed. All the while, you’re still being raped.’”

The statement continues: “Every year, thousands of Texans are sexually abused behind bars. Most of these people — adults and children, loved ones and neighbors — will one day be released back into their communities, bringing with them the emotional and physical scars of the abuse they have endured. All of us are better off when detainees are kept safe.”

Check out Just Detention’s inforgraphic below.

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  • Bjk

    If you want Texas to do something positive, you have to put a price tag on it or prove that Jesus wants it done. People really don’t count for much in Texas – especially the poor and other surplus populations. You have to show that it’s cheaper to prevent rape than to treat the after math. Don’t forget, cities in this state had rape-kits just sitting in storage for years because it was cheaper than actually processing the kits and arresting the guilty.

  • jonjct

    this is a bs article, promoting the extremist liberal agenda, and i am tired of queerty pretending they are free of an eagnda except that gay one, and that extreme liberal one too. you guys are full of shizz, just like the mainstream press. in the bag for obama and liberal causes. you think nobody notices?

  • Bjk

    @jonjct: This is an article promoting human rights. Liberal, conservative, or anyone in between should be on board with protecting people in the care of the government from being abused.

  • Mikah

    It’s interesting how “straight” guys are not so straight when the are in prison.A phenomenon that has boggled the mind for ages. -_-

  • NG22

    @jonjct: If you think it’s acceptable for prisoners to be sexually assaulted, that’s all I need to know. Democrats may not always be something to write home about, but they support evidence-based reasoning and stand by the least among us.

    It is none of my business, but as a black gay man, I’m equally as repulsed by black conservatives as I am by gay conservatives. They’re just not that into you, boo. So it’s really pathetic that you’re here denfending Republicans who wouldn’t even give you a second glance–far less equal rights. It’s not even a valid choice between Democrats and Republicans for gay Americans. You either vote for those who stand with you, or those who stand against you. You may not support President Obama, but he supports you.

  • Scribe38

    @NG22: I want to have your baby! Well said.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Blast from the past:
    They should be safe from violent sexual attacks. It’s deplorable that a country as innovative as ours still has this happening. My dream prison would be this. Everybody gets their own cell with basic amenities. The prisoners would be let out at 6:00 am to work for eight hours. The work would be compensated with the equivalent of those bluechip stamps from the 60?s. With those stamps, they could buy light after 7:00pm, access to classes or gymnasiums, Thai food on the weekend, or whatever they want, fines for bad behavior, resulting in stamps reduced significantly, the ability to have limited access to computers, television, sports channels, art supplies, etcetera. The prison system costs could be offset by the forty hour work weeks of the prisoners. The prisoners would see the correlation between working hard and getting extras. The ones that refused to work would get basic amenities and lights out at 7:00 pm with no amenities. Sexual violence would come down if they were busy making a living behind bars.
    It has all to do with outcomes. Some minds are too damaged to pull out of crime. The outcome would be better if prisoners were responsible for their own living standards, much like in the real world. It would become a habit and a way of life that possibly might translate in the real world once freed. One can hope.
    If they are lifers with no remorse and no inclination to improve themselves, then regular, uninspired prisons could be on the other end of the reward spectrum. It’s the choice of the individual what kind of life they will have. To lump every bad guy into a system where violence, intimidation, humiliation, fear, and rape occur daily, will not produce worthy people. It’s all about the outcome. It would be less expensive for society, overall, if they were taught a trade and a standard of conduct that relates to the real world when freedom is finally earned. It is also more humanizing. The punishment is the loss of freedom, not fearing for one’s life on a daily basis and forming unholy alliances in order to survive.

  • Billy Budd

    @jonjct: Forgive me for saying this, but you are behaving like an idiot. I have nothing against you per se, but your attitude is nasty.

  • Bjk

    Rape is about power, not sex.

  • Desert Boy

    Please, Texas, just get on with it and secede. You won’t be missed.

  • Cam

    Of COURSE Rick Perry doesn’t care. Remember, this is the state where the wealthy kid did not have to even GO to prison for killing somebody because he was able to use being wealthy as an excuse.

    So why should Perry Care, none of HIS friends or people that look like him would ever go to prison, and the Texas GOP has made it very clear that they do not care what happens to poor people or minorities.

  • Billy Budd

    There are no human rights in texas. They like to kill criminals. Rape is a minor offense, considering…

  • Mezaien

    1, Texass are all criminals.
    2. He should change his name to Dick Perry.
    3. We need to have someone to give shit in Tucson, AZ how we love to heat Texasses.

  • NG22

    @Scribe38: Well then I want you to have my baby! Thanks. I was worried I went a bit overboard, because one of the main things black or gay Republicans say is that they don’t endorse “identity politics.” They think that diminishes their individuality and complex set of issues and considerations, or some bullshit.

  • drivendervish

    Rick Perry isn’t the least bit interested in reducing prison rape because he’d miss the steady stream of videos.

  • NG22

    @drivendervish: Remember when there were gay rumors surround Rick Perry before he ran for President in 2012? People say he was banging some guy and a bunch of evidence would surface, and then no one has spoken about it since. A shame.

  • Aries3dc

    I’m not sure why Texas is being singled out, but this is a national issue for prisons. In fact, Texas being bigger than many countries might account for its higher percentages of cases.

  • Horse Lips

    If we spent half as much in this country on education as we did on incarceration, we could fix this problem. But prisons in Texas are a big money maker. Also there’s the fact that Rick Perry secretly gets off on prison sex.

  • jckfmsincty

    Like “Thelma and Louise”, I’ll always bypass Texas.

  • RayJacksonMs

    Are there any republicans that aren’ pro-rape?

  • Cam


    No, larger would account for higher numbers, not higher percentages. The fact that the percentage is the highest is the reason Texas is being singled out.

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