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Does Shia LaBeouf’s Apology Make It All Better?


Yesterday a video of Indiana Jones star Shia LaBeouf, recorded several years ago, surfaced and showed the blowin’ up actor using the word “faggot” to instigate a friend to hit him in a little taunting spat.

You folks had mixed reactions (ambivalence?).

Now, a response from an “embarrassed” Shia, delivered via his rep, from gay gossip Marc Malkin: “The video tape that is currently being circulated is several years old and captures Shia playing a game amongst friends in which he uses a derogatory word towards a friend. He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone.”

So, is the apology – issued by his publicist – good enough?

And in case you missed it, the video clip is below.