Does The Aussie X-Factor Trans Contestant Get Hated On As Much As Chaz Bono?

Everyone knows that X-Factor and American Idol tend to pick mediocre singers who make good “reality” television (Sanjaya anyone?). But while 35-year-old transman Paige Elliot Phoenix doesn’t sing the world’s greatest version of INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart,” he at least shares his genuine desire to live and love as authentically as possible with Australia’s X-Factor audience—good job, Paige! We wonder if he gets as much crap as Chaz Bono has for wanting to dance with the stars.

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  • chrissie riot

    Turns out that no one seems to care. Looking over the X Factor’s facebook page people are really supportive of Paige. The DWTS facebook is all kinds of transphobic.

    The X Factor Aus is having a super queer season between Paige and Jayne. Go Australia!

  • the crustybastard

    I don’t think Casey Anthony gets hated on as much a Chaz Bono.

  • jason

    The X Factor is not very gay-friendly at all. I haven’t seen any gay male contestant on the show.

    It’s Simon Cowell’s diarrhea, it really is.

    As for Australia, it’s that far-away country that is still socially backward. Gays are regularly bashed over there and there are no gay marriage rights in any of the states.

  • steve

    What would you know Jason?

    Gays are bashed everywhere! You should take a look at what they do to them in Iran .. huh

    Oh and just so you know.. alot of laws in Australia act on federal level.. not the state by state bullshit that happens in America. In America you can get married in one state.. then cross the border and it’s invalid in another. How fucking stupid

  • Will

    Despite Jason’s misgivings about Australia, there are a large number of us who are part of or supporting the LGBT community. A majority of people I know are in full support of Paige. Also, Australia is not a “backwards” country.

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