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Does the Catholic Church Get to Decide Who’s Catholic?

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Often, the Catholic Church will argues the beliefs of its parishioners as “immutable.” That’s a nice sentiment, but it’s wholly unrealistic; beliefs can, in fact, change, and you are not born with religion. That’s different from homosexuality, which no reasonable person will argue is malleable. These two traits of a person — religion and sexuality — often clash, and the showdown between a Maryland Catholic church that welcomes gays and the top American leader of the Roman Catholic Church is just the latest (and grandest) example of such.

New Ways Ministry is the “gay-positive” church in Maryland that just received a veritable dear john a letter from Cardinal Francis E. George of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Vatican’s top leaders in the U.S., which wants New Ways to stop aligning itself with true Catholic teachings. Which begs the obvious question: Who freakin’ gets to decide who calls whom a Catholic?

It’s all because of New Ways’ support of gay marriage. Which has the progressive church and its supporters arguing it isn’t Cardinal George who gets to hand out the C-word. And it also has at least one guy demanding George feel “ashamed” for his stance. You thought politics were interesting? Religious politics FTW!

(Video via CBS 2 Chicago)