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Does The Family Research Council Know Rep. Giffords’ Hero Daniel Hernandez Is Gay?

Because Tony Perkins’ homepage sure is saying very nice things about him! Hmmmm.

Congresswoman Giffords, who appears to be the shooter’s main target, is “holding her own,” doctors say. Her survival is thanks, in large part, to the brave response of Giffords’s new intern Daniel Hernandez. After just five days on the job, Hernandez–who was trained as a nurse’s assistant–rushed to the Congresswoman’s side and helped her sit upright, putting pressure on the head wound until the emergency teams arrived. When they did, Daniel stayed by her side “making sure she knew someone was with her and she wasn’t alone,” he said. Since the shooting, people have called Hernandez a hero–a title he’s quick to shrug off. “The real heroes,” he says, “are people like Congresswoman Giffords, who have dedicated their lives to public service and helping others.” A resolution to honor his boss, and the fallen, is scheduled for Wednesday.

Oh, wait, then two paragraphs later the Family Research Council is back to talking shit about gays. Whew. The Verizon iPhone announcement was enough breaking news for one day.

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  • Aaron Larson

    In an era where gay men, gay marriage, and being gay is villanized as wrong, evil, sick, it’s so vital to have the prominent presence of individuals who are gay, openly so, and making positiev contributions in this world to counter act the hate spewed by those fighting to take our rights away. Anyone who argues the best defense to homophobia is being in the closet, or being private, or not highlighting the sexuality of positive contributors in society fails to see the value of winning this battle with the PEOPLE not in the courts. The way to change minds, evolve thoughts and humanize our plight is to show that gay people are out there saving lives, doing good, being valuable contributors to society…yet not experiencing nearly the same rights as their hetrosexual counterparts.

    Visibility leads to change. Never, ever forget that note.

  • Nice'n Strong

    @Aaron Larson: I have to wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. the best battlycry for equality is to acknowledge to the public who is gay. Especially when the person of interest is a good one. Why shouldn’t we? we have orginizations who spend millions of dollars to paint us all as monsters, going as far as pointing out child molestors and making a correlation to being gay. The least we could do is combat that by showcasing gay men and woman who are making huge differences in this world, and yes, who happen to be gay.
    I’ll share a story with you all. I came out to my family years ago. They are a very nuclear family who were not sure what to do with it. My grandmother essentially gave me the silent treatment. Also noteworthy, my grandmother is probably the biggest Ellen Degeneres fan and watches her show on a daily basis. Every single day, every single episode, since 2005. After Ellen’s recent heartfelt message of love, peace, tolerance for all, including your gay neighbors, my grandmother wrote me a letter (she delivered by snail mail) that truly has me crying just thinking about it right now. In it, she described how she didn’t take the time to understand my struggles, or empathize my pain, and the knowing Ellen could go on and be such a success story and gay means she knows I can go on and be anything I strive to be in life, and she’ll stand by my side in support. You all have no idea what that meant, but it took my grandmother seeing a woman who entertained her in her living room and knowing she was gay to make that connection.
    Yes, for some people, the only refrence to gays they have is what they are fed by the NOMs and Family Research Councils of the world who paint us all as mentally sick. It’s important for our voices in the gay community to trump their’s by proudly displaying members in our sector of society who are amazing beings.

  • Lisa J.

    I said this in another post and I’ll repeat it again:

    It is significant to single out the sexuality of gay role models because our sexuality is constantly singled out to deny us rights.

    If LGBT would not be fired from their jobs for being gay, were able to foster and grow families in every state, were able to donate blood, were able to experience marriage equality, or much less, civil unions throughout our nation, were able to be treated with respect and civilty, than yes, acknowledging every gay pioneers sexuality would be a moot point.

    However, as it stands, there are people actively working to disable our freedoms & rights by singling out our sexuality. That’s where it becomes important for us to go toe to toe with the hatemongers and the best way to silence hate laced voices is through putting the spotlight on the oustanding work of LGBT across our nation who can save lives, keep our streets safe, put out fires, invent remedies and cures, yet can’t get married to the one they love? can’t openly discuss the one they love at their work place for fear of termination? can’t hold their partners hands in public for fear of their safety? Show people the great gay men and woman out there, and they will come around. But that takes a certain level of openess. I’m thrilled to know Mr. Hernandez has that.

  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a smelly crusty asshole.

  • WillBFair

    I love the fact that he had nurse’s training. A lot of queens I’ve known have had that, and I’ve always thought it’s because of a compasionate streak in gay culture going back centuries.

  • ewe

    @WillBFair: It’s that healing gay gene we all have. I agree.

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