Does “The Walking Dead” Need A Gay Love Plot?

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 1.50.34 PMFans of The Walking Dead made it clear this week that there’s no zombie army large enough to take their minds off the real issues facing folks in a lawless, post-apocalyptic world. Sure, people may be dying at the hands of the undead, but why aren’t they having more sex?

Entertainment Weekly investigates.

The magazine had an exclusive chat with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), the show’s hot daddy-type, on their Facebook page this week, where they plugged the upcoming season by probing him about his three-season love draught. “I get hit with that question a lot,” he said.

It’s safe to say the bromance between Daryl and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) will never be more than platonic, but there may be an opportunity for another certain gay love to blossom.

Reedus says:

“I think in Season 4, he and Steven [Yeun] — the Glenn character — I think they really, they have a lot of romantic time they spend together. Alone time. And I think, you know, it is a prison. I think that’s probably where his character’s going to go. Maggie? Who’s Maggie, you know what I mean? It’s Glenn and Daryl.”

Too bad it was a joke!

But he raises a good point (and frankly, one we’ve heard all too much about). Does The Walking Dead need a gay love plot? Of course, not every post-apocalyptic primetime thriller needs a gay couple, but that certainly didn’t stop CBS from casting the gay trifecta—a lesbian couple with a child!—in Under the Dome.

What do you think?

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  • Pucifer

    Well, of course “Walking Dead” should have gay characters / gay subplots.

    But, of course, gay people are mostly invisible on TV. Except certain stereotypes that flourish on a few sitcoms as well as cooking and dressmaking reality shows, etc.

    It would be interesting to feature a tough gay character on the zombies versus human series, but that might upset and even challenge the delicate anti-gay sensibilities of the straight male 20-something audience this show is targeted at.

  • Cam

    Unless gay people do not exist, this question shouldn’t even be asked. They exist, put them on the show.

  • PSPoolside

    It’s unfortunate that the creators of the show didn’t consider this from the very beginning of the series. The whole first two seasons were about the conflicting backgrounds and personalities of the mixed bag of characters and a gay charter would have added another interesting level of conflict. Missed opportunity.

  • RRT

    Fine. How about a gay zombie? I know they exist. I’ve seen them in bars at three in the morning. Slowly walking about, wandering aimlessly looking for a warm body. Yeah, I think it could work.

  • secbro22

    Comic has gay characters. The show isn’t at the point where the characters come into the story.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    The problem is this show is made by straight people, and it involves characters being heroic, and helping those around them. Hets cannot imagine gay men like that. They only see us as mincing queens, who are weak. The idea of a heroic gay man is completely foreign to these people. They’ve never seen the gay firefighters, cops, soldiers, etc. All they see are the flamboyant lapdogs.

  • ted72

    Sure there are gay people in the world, but do we need a gay character in the show? No, not if it deviates from the original comic book plot. However, if they have already deviated (I haven’t read the comic book), then add the gay characterS.

    While you’re add it, add some more hot guys. They killed off the hot deputy a while back (boo…).

  • Cam


    They have deviated by NOT putting in the gay characters that are in the original book.

  • Katbox

    @Cam: This show deviated long long long ago.
    It’s a huge mess now. They need to go back to their roots and stop all the b/s.
    It’s odd how whenever they need something *poof* they find instantly.

  • Marco Almeida

    Well, as somebody already mentioned, there are gay characters in the comic book, but they need to get to that point of the story first… I mean, they don’t *need* to get there, since they’re changing almost everything (and sometimes changing it for better!) but I doubt that all the gays would be wiped from the face of the Earth if there were to be a zombie apocalypse.

    And I agree too with @Katbox, they need to cut all the crap they’ve been doing, they…


    They should’ve have just killed the Governor already, I’m bored to death with him!


    I don’t get why they just don’t move on with the story, since there’s so much better things to explore, maybe this new season give us just that, something better!

  • Snapdragon

    Uh the Short answer is NO NO NO a thousand times NO !!!…. Why you may ask because this isn’t modern family The Walking Dead is a Zombie survival story, there no mushiness about it their lopping off head and stabbing zombie in the eye with screwdrivers. Even the scenes between Maggie and Glen who got engaged or married on the show even’t romantic hell even the sex between them is wham bam thank you mama, it dirty and on the floor. Look I’m a part of the LGBt community and I support it but I simple don’t understand why some people think every show out there has to have some gay plot line it doesn’t and “The Walking Dead” is great just the way it is lets not going screwing it up 5 million viewers like it just he way it is.

  • Snapdragon

    If any of you have ever seen the Director of The Walking Dead He said the Show ISN’T following the Comic series they are two different animals. Yes the Idea for the show is based off the Comic and Yes they loosely follow the Comic somewhat but not page for page. So just because the comic did this or did that doesn’t mean it’s got to happen in the show.

  • Marco Almeida

    @Snapdragon No one asked for sex between same sex couples… Norman Reedus was the one bringing that to the table. And even if someone was asking to see some action between two guys or two girls, why can’t it be just like Maggie and Glen? To think otherwise, it’s just (somewhat) narrowminded. I’m not saying you’re narrowminded, just the thought of those two characters have “wham bam thank you mama” (lol) sex and the same couldn’t happen with a gay couple.

    Anyway, I agree with you when you say that not every TV show need to have gay couples, however, this show is supposed to represent how humanity would survive (and live) in a zombie apocalyptic world, so they should represent that humanity with all the aspects of it.

    If they can bring new characters to the show (good ones or not!), or even kill/keep alive another ones, they can easily bring the ones portraited in the comic book.

  • Polaro

    Call me biased, but everything is better with gay characters. EVERYTHING.

  • Alice

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  • miagoodguy

    No the show does not NEED to have a gay character(s). It would add a different dynamic to the show, but it isn’t necessary. The comic book (which is AMAZING) has a gay couple, but they weren’t introduced till after Rick and his group were forced to leave the Prison by the Governor’s people when they overran the prison (the comic book hints that they were then pretty much overrun by a hoard of zombies).

    While the TV show doesn’t follow the comic book exactly, the comic book does create a framework for the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if a gay character (or a gay couple) is introduced near the end of this season or the beginning of next. The creator of the comic book and show hasn’t shied away from some showing some really gruesome and heartbreaking scenes on the show. I highly doubt he is shying away from a gay character and is just waiting to introduce him/her.

  • palmergloria

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  • Thomas

    Do you enjoy watching your gay romances end in horrible, violent deaths? Because that’s basically what happens to everybody in that show! The gay couple couldn’t even survive True Blood, it’s going to be sooo much worse if they ever put one in The Walking Dead! lol

  • QuintoLover

    @Thomas: VERY few couples survive True Blood. It has nothing to do with the sexuality of the characters, it’s about the drama.

    As for this show, it’s not like it needs to have a long, drawn out subplot about Donnie and Davie meeting, falling in love, separating and then getting married and destroying all of the zombies. It could merely be there’s a character named so and so, he’s gay, he may or may not have had boyfriend or even a husband in the past but yes, he does like men, he kicks some ass and then maybe he stays or maybe he goes. But even still, it’s not really necessary. It would just be more realistic (I doubt ALL of the gays would be dead, but it could be hard to find people anyway).

  • pathotrix

    If I remember correctly, in the comic there was a gay couple in the prison who were very minor characters, and the comic book creator said that the character Caesar Martinez in the comic was gay, but they never had the chance to explore it.

    I wonder why they made the TV-version of Caesar Martinez straight (when he said he had a wife and kids after the zombie killing spree with Daryl), I was really disappointed with that.

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