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Does the White House Really Have No Idea What It’ll Do If Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays Bill’ Passes?

Ya know, the White House should start pointing to the fact that it even accepts questions from lesbian reporter Kerry Eleveld as another COURAGEOUS WAY it’s defending LGBT rights. The White House should also start reading the newspapers about Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, and have a strategy in place about whether it’s going to keep sending money to that country if the legislation passes. Or, better yet, what the White House will do to help keep the bill from even passing. But for now? Robert Gibbs, asked about the bill on Friday, will have to get back to ya.

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  • schlukitz

    Robert Gibbs, asked about the bill on Friday, will have to get back to ya.

    Typical Obama Administration response.

  • romeo

    A lot of people’s assess are going to be in a sling if that law passes. The administration needs to be dealing with a response, not only in the money we send to Uganda, but also the federal, tax payer money being funneled to so-called “faith based charities.” What is that money ACTUALLY being used for? And why are religious tax exemptions being given for the American churches and organizations that contributed to creating that law and the climate of intolerance that made it possible. The American taxpayer is entitled to fully funded investigations of American funded genocide, which this is by definition. We are a biological group threatened with extermination in Uganda. Religious fanatics don’t want to believe we’re biological, but we have plenty of proof now. They can piss and moan about how they don’t understand Nature doing something like that, but not understanding something doesn’t make it any less true. And it’s easy to know why they don’t understand something that is as plain as the nose on their face when you see some of the letters their minions write to bitch about us.

  • Daniel

    Ask the U.S. government about the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet. It is parked in the middle east keeping the most oppressive governments in power to keep the oil flowing. The Fifth Fleet will annihilate any population that tries to remove its own oppressive Middle Eastern government, including the governments of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran which officially mass-murder gay people (these governments are the Nazis of the 21st century). But the U.S. government keeps them in power (heck, they put the Saudi royal family into power 50 years ago in the first place, the Arabs didn’t pick the Saudi “royal” family) to keep the oil flowing to feed American demand. They will also kiss the ass of Uganda because Uganda is an oil producing country. Americans bow to nations that feed the American addiction to oil, and now that America is competing more and more with China for scarce resources it will only get worse until Americans get off oil and use other means of energy. America will be a slave to other countries until it has way more energy independence.

  • Brian NJ

    He will get back to us. Yea, I’m sure Rahm Emmanuel will get right on that.

  • Adam

    Well isn’t THAT just a thorough response…

  • hyhybt

    “Religious fanatics don’t want to believe we’re biological, but we have plenty of proof now.”

    What are we, then? Minerals?

  • Chapeau

    When is it time to simply just stop these dog and pony acts. It is the biggest farce of all time – we ask they deny or lie and we accept that we’re getting nothing of real substance from a Press Secretary.

    Hell, come to think of it – its even cheap when its the POTUS denying or lying …

    Ahh the expediency of modern political theatre.

    WTF !?

  • Chapeau

    @DANIEL:: And yet 30 years since Carter made a declaration that it was something we had to do for national security … we continue to do nothing to convert our civilization away from oil … except, pay it lip service to get elected, o, and every year at the SOTU — its always good for a standing O.

    And just wait .. word is that the Oil producing nations are serious about trading oil in a different currency than than the mighty US Dollar .. well if this ever happens, especially anytime soon – it doesn’t bode well for our economy – especially one in serious trouble with no prospects on the table of putting back in check anytime soon — and we’ve spent cazillions with all the bailouts and wars we’re paying for.

    And we’ve elected a POTUS that continues to disappoint .. I know, we’re not supposed to give aid and comfort to the enemy by speaking ill of a DEM — but F that — Obama needs a spine transplant at this juncture IMHO.

    Where is that “Leader” I was promised ?!?

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