Does This Cross-Dressing Cop Ad Finally Make The Transvestite Shtick Work?


Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of debate over untraditional portrayals of transgender types, from a drag queen in a tampon advert to two idiotic straight-dude cross-dressers on ABC’s universally detested Work It.

Unlike those questionable portrayals, though, we think the above print ad—created for Chilean over-the-counter eyedrops Red Off—is pretty fab.

It depicts a man, a cop by day, looking a little worse for wear in drag at an apparently wild party. It looks like a fun scene—and the idea, we imagine, is the Red Off will mask the effects of his hangover tomorrow. (Some aspirin and makeup remover might help in that department, too.)

The main stereotype at work here is that police officers can’t be out at work (though this could be a straight cop who likes to cross dress, too).  But they did seem to go out of their way to find the ugliest, sloppiest drag queen in South America.

What say you, Queerty readers—funny, offensive or none of the above?

Source: Copyranter