Does This Mean He Thinks Felicity’s A Dog?


Out interviews Kevin Zegers in their latest issue (yet another straight boy on the cover of their “gay” mag) who talks about playing a rent boy in TransAmerica. We’ve been following the young stud’s career for a while now. Looks like he’s finally landed himself an adult role opposite an, um, human.

In the interview he takes the time to kiss co-star Felicity Huffman’s ass:

It was incredibly brave of her to embark upon this. I am so unbelievably impressed. She could have sat around and waited to start doing her television show [Desperate Housewives] for a couple of months. But she was inspired to take this enormous risk to do this. She wasn’t just kinda showing up and kinda doing a good job.

Kind words but we doubt he would have complimented his former frequent co-star in such a way. No, not since Kevin had a tendency to co-star alongside golden retrievers not once, not twice, but four times.