Does This Spandex Costume Make Scott Herman Look Gay?

We always knew The Real World‘s Scott Herman wanted to be a real-life Captain American — he told us so himself. So color us surprised to see him dressed up as such for Halloween. And color everyone else surprised to find out Herman — who lounges around in underwear for a living — is straight. Well, what do you expect people to assume when you walk around in head-to-toe Lycra?

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  • terrwill

    Abs of steel…………

  • hardmannyc

    He’s adorable.

  • FakeName

    No the costume doesn’t make him look gay. The insistence on speaking makes him look really, reeeally stupid.

  • Mike L.

    He looks great in that costume and that was a funny story after all :)

  • Josh

    He is also a Republican. Remember he was on the Real World when Obama won and he was very upset about it and couldn’t even appreciate the historic nature of America electing its first African American president.

    He was friends with the gay guy and the transgendered girl but he’d still rather homophobic politicians like McCain and Palin guide America’s future.

    I don’t know why the gay community embraces him so much. Oh yeah I do. Looks and sex is all too many gays care about.

  • C.Edwards

    His storytelling skills remind me of that of a little kid.

    I also love his 2009 goal board in the background:
    Launch and maintain fitness website… sign 7 figure Calvin Klein campaign… lead role in Captain America…

    So cute.

  • andy

    Thanks Josh for the information. He’s no hero.

  • Po Mo

    Live and let live. He’s great eye-candy and charming! May he achieve all his goals this year (I’m not so sure he’s got the face of a Captain America though, too boyish still). His political ignorance isn’t so rare in America, so don’t be so judgmental. At least he seems gay-friendly, and would probably make a good straight buddy.

  • Scott

    Of course he looks gay in that suit. Captain America is beefier than Schwarzeneger was at the height of his body building career. Scott doesn’t have a chance at the role. Only a Mr Universe would look convincing in that suit.

  • Gry

    Moronic manchild with a seventh grade mentality.

    And love the business card angle. So “American Psycho.”

  • Scott

    He could play the homoerotic part of Bucky Barnes. He’s better as a sidekick.

  • jimmy

    Youth is wasted on the young.

  • Scott

    Or he could be cast as young Steve Rogers, before the army gave him the super soldier serum, or he can star in the CW series “Before I Was Captain America” chronicling the teenage events and philosophy that would eventually shape a superhero.

  • Patrick

    ‘There were gay guys and regular people’??? WTF. He’s a tool

  • Mike L.

    OMG Thnks Josh for the info, now I hate his guts. If I ever see him or Magan (?spelling) McStain, I’ll scream at them with anger and horror at the same time “REPUBLCANNNN!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! REPUBLICAN!!!” Lol just ike McStain said someone did to her one time, I think it’s funny.

    It’s sad b/c he actually seems likeable like a breeder sidekick friend. Oh well.

  • Lex

    I didn’t know we weren’t regular people.

    Holy shit. I can’t believe I almost fell for his bs.

  • *J_C*

    this video was edited to BB humping around lol 4:38 into the video lol

  • Andrew W

    Wasn’t Chet the Republican?

  • Jimmy

    He is SO charming !

  • fredo777

    @Lex: I can’t believe people are so quick to dismiss + judge someone without paying close attention to what they actually said: “THEY’RE JUST regular people”, not “gays and just regular people”.

  • Bret

    The body of a skinned rabbit, the intellect of a hamster, the charm of a smarmy prepubescent school boy…It’s Captain Douchebag.
    This is vomit inducingly awful.

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