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Does Tony Perkins Want To Ban Dick Cheney From CPAC Because He Supports Gay Marriage?

Evidently Tony Perkins, a man who refers to homosexuality as “abnormal” and blames it for kids killing themselves, still has a home on MSNBC to deliver his hate speech. Well done, Andrea Mitchell! But what else do you expect from a woman who believes Perkins’ Family Research Council has had “such a role in participating [in CPAC] in the past,” when, uh, it hasn’t. (FRC is notoriously one of the groups attacking CPAC over GOProud’s involvement when it doesn’t even go to the event.) But hey, let’s bring in fellow quote machine Christopher Barron, who points out that Perkins doesn’t even have GOProud’s number correct: GOProud doesn’t support marriage equality! And even if it did, is that enough to keep them from having a seat at the conservative table? As Barron reasonably points out, does Perkins want to ban Dick Cheney — who believes more in gay marriage than GOProud — from speaking at CPAC?