Does Your Company Want to Donate Free Swag to JetBlue’s Steven Slater?

While the world argues whether JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater caused the fight that got him so pissed he took a ride on the yellow brick road off the plane, we’ve got some great news: Companies want to give him free swag!

We’re not talking Star Jones-level goodies, or even an Oscar gifting suite just yet. But to get things started Gold’s Gym is offering Slater a free one-year pass “to help alleviate the stress in his life through exercise, and encouraging Americans to turn to fitness to help relieve their pent-up frustrations.”

As with all offers of gratis goods and services, the companies handing them over hope the free publicity they generate will more than cover the actual cost of the freebie, which shouldn’t be hard.

Who will be next to make a public offer to Slater? Perhaps Corvette would like to donate a new getaway car. Brooks Brothers could offer him a new stylish uniform. And maybe even Virgin America wants to get in on this?

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  • patrick

    I find him to be very odd. And his behavior was inappropriate, even if warranted.

  • JonathanHasHadIt

    @patrick: YOU are the weirdo, Patrick!

  • NO

    Why the hell do folks think they should celebrate this guy? He did an ass thing and should be treated as such.

  • James Davis

    @patrick: Sure it was inappropriate, but who the hell wants to be appropriate all the time.



    Your 15 minutes are officially up Steven

  • orinthe

    @patrick: Wait, what? You realize that warranted means, essentially, appropriate? Something can’t be simultaneously warranted AND inappropriate.

    Also, this guy is frickin’ awesome. He should probably have to pay for the cost to replace the slide, but the criminal charges are bogus.

  • slobone

    I’d like to offer him a stay in the Graybar Hotel. I can’t believe people are turning this lunatic into a hero…

  • Adrian

    I’ve heard it say that things happen in threes. last week the media reported about the disgruntled employee that shot up the beer distributing company killing 9. this week Steven the flight attendant is the disgruntled employee of the week. makes you wonder who will be the disgruntled employee of next week. lets hope one gets hurt.

  • Adrian

    I meant “no one” gets hurt. lets hope no one gets hurt

  • biguy

    This guy is a total schmuck, he’s not even smart enough to keep his mouth shut around the press after he’s been charged with a felony.

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