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Does Your Congressman Want to Kill DOMA? Find Out RIGHT HERE


The Internet is awesome because of folks like you. Well, you and three billion of your nearest and dearest, some of whom might be calling up your elected officials and being all, “So, are you gonna help repeal DOMA or not?” And it’s those people who are getting answers from politicos directly, and then updating ACT On Principles‘ website so all their fellow constituents know exactly where their representatives stand. And when it comes to the DOMA-killing Respect For Marriage Act, you can finally know, in near real-time, just who on The Hill is backing the thing, and who needs some nudging from voters.

The graphic shows where things stand now since RMA’s introduction on Sept. 15. Thus far, there are 56 unknowns, and they might be your officials — so log on here to see how you can join the Public Whip Count and let others know which official need phone calls and letters.

Of course, those “Leaning No” and “No” need some of your loving, too.

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  • Chris

    Call Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee now – why are you not CoSponsoring Legislation to repeal Doma? 202-225-3816.

    Is it weird that she is the Sponsor of Irritable Bowel Syndrome legislation but she can’t find the time to sign on as a cosponsor on HR 3567.

    Are irritable bowels more important than your GLBT constituents Congresswoman Lee?

    Do we have to get your face on TV at a public appearance to get you to support us?

  • Bruno

    If it’s this close in the House, there’s no way it would survive a filibuster in the Senate.

  • Andrew

    My latest count has 70 Senators opposing the repeal of DOMA – including many Democrats. You cannot change their votes or their minds. They have a “religious” objection to homosexuality and for nearly all of those Senators their constituencies also believe homosexuality is wrong.

    We spend a lot of time and money trying to change votes, when the real effort needs to be changing minds. Christian minds.

  • Brian (The Original) censors postings and comments. It is NOT an open source for the LGBT Community, as they have advertised.

    They are also affiliated with EqualityAcrossAmerica, the organization that delivered that little March in DC.

    Both organizations look like they are about to fold.

  • John Bare

    @Brian the original #4:

    As a co-editor of Act On Principles, we allow pretty much any on-point and unoffensive post, and like just about every blog we have a TOS policy which we enforce. We don’t have an official affiliation with EAA, though of course we encourage any individual or organization working for LGBT equality to post.

    We had some technical issues in November which made the submission form not working. Maybe that is where you got the idea that we are not open? It’s fixed now. Post post post!

    So though I’m sure you had the best of intentions, it seems all 3 of your statements are factually erroneous.

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