Doesn’t Parading Around Like Lady Gaga Basically Qualify As ‘Telling’?

The Smoking Gun, a website mostly devoted to hilarious mug shots of stupid criminals, has tracked down the American soldiers behind Afghanistan’s “Telephone” video. In their blockbuster de-classified report, TSG outs exactly zero of these men — identified as Aaron Melcher and Justin Baker — as heterosexuals.

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  • Jon

    Give dem da boot eh?

  • Adam

    We shouldn’t discourage “heterosexual” men from having a little fun. Insinuating they’re gay because they enjoy Lady GaGa is purely irresponsible on your behalf. The more you stereotype the more fear will ensue.

  • Jon (there are others

    Damn. I thought it was going to be the Rutgers kids.

  • Nobdy

    The idea that dancing to Lady Gaga song makes one gay is the exact opposite of the way society needs to approach gender issues. We’re trying to break the mold here, and reinforcing ancient pathetic stereotypes about hetero-normality is completely counterproductive. Get this crap off Queerty.

  • Pygar

    STFU you high and mighty biddies! Jesu Christy, Ladies! Can’t you see this for what it is?? This will do more for the DADT deliberations than a thousand miles of Dan Choi’s chained to iron fences.
    These soldiers are fierce bitches!

  • Jon (there are others

    I can think of 1000 things worse to do if I was stuck in a desert.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    I’ve seen this all over the web. A bunch of straight guys having a bit of fun. Love her or hate her, she’s become a cultural phenom, and folks are gonna have fun with her over-the-top imagery.

  • Pip

    i think their dancing was too lame for them to be gay.

  • alan brickman

    they are obviously bored…this happens alot in soldiers being delagated to hot zones…lighten up…

  • alan brickman

    all it takes for a straight guy to be labeled gay these days is to just walk out of their house…what happened?….

  • Kieran

    These guys should have their own show on Logo. But then they might get kicked out of the Army wouldn’t they? Never mind.


    @ No. 5 · Nobdy
    “We’re trying to break the mold here, and reinforcing ancient pathetic stereotypes about hetero-normality is completely counterproductive. Get this crap off Queerty.”

    You are kidding right? Qweerty perpetuates ‘homo-normality’ stereotypical crap on the daily with’Morning Goods’ alone. If you are not a white, gym rat/steroid case wearing pretty Ginch Gonch underoos – you are s** out of luck in getting decent representation and acknowledgment of your existence. Maybe we, as gays should work on acknowledging all the colors of our rainbow instead of mixing them all together and coming up with either Black or White.

    Frankly – I could care less about what bored straight soldiers do in the middle of the Afghan desert. If they are stereotyped as gay – so what? Welcome to the club. I do care about the fact that majority of the news stories and ads on this site feature a certain ‘type’. If nothing else, Qweerty drew it’s line in the sand about how they would represent the tag line ‘free of an agenda. except that gay one’ – stereotypically…

  • Hilarious

    Normally I would argue against calling straight guys gay, but curiosity got the best of me so I watched the video.

    Um I’m thinking the title is pretty accurate on this one.

    You guys might wanna watch it first and then argue the points if your dar isn’t busting you upside the head a few seconds after hitting play.

  • Kevin

    @Adam: If you’re so insistant upon deconstructing the Gaga = Gay binary, then why do you need to put “heterosexual” in quotations?

  • Cam

    I think the main fact of this article isn’t that “Dancing to Lady Ga Ga makes you gay” but rather, the fact that a bunch of withered old men in the Pentagon keep telling us that our fearful hetrosexual men in the military would feel threatened by anything remotly gay and that is why Don’t ask Don’t tell must stay….

    Do those soldiers look like things stereotyically percieved as being “Gay-ish” would frighten them?

  • Alex Macias

    Definitely not gay… they can’t dance!

  • uberdude

    All this shows is that these guys are not hung up on stereotypes. Trying to draw a tie between affected mannerisms and actual orientation only serves to promote homophobia.
    We need more straight boys like these in the world.
    Go Aaron!!!

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